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Amin Esar


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Language Skills: Hindi, Urdu, Burushaski, Punjami

I grew up in the mountains, far far away in a valley known as Hunza, a heaven on earth. We lived in a close knitted community known for their hospitality, hard work, and helping each other in all endeavors of life. This is the value I learned hands down which I consider a blessing and a key to success. I was fortunate enough that I have become a team member of JB Goodwin realtors which ranks “Helping People” as their company mission statement, that exactly meets up with what I value most in my life.

Buying a home and selling a property is the most important matter in our lives which requires due diligence, market information, and reliable representation.  This is where I can help my clients and customers in a positive manner. Putting the interest of the client first is the fundamental requirement of my profession, moreover, I would say empathy is another key element that I believe is my hallmark. My previous experience as a banker, a project leader in social development sector and a small business owner for more than 20 years brings valuable addition to my current profession.

Beyond all, I am a proud father of four kids all grew up in Austin, I share family values and integrity.