Drew Cartwright


Drew Cartwright

During my teenage years in Houston, about the time I got my driver’s license, my best buddy and I were on the hunt for ‘wheels’ so we could get around town. One day someone offered us an old car for free, but we had to move it and the engine didn’t work. After some debate, we decided to rebuild the engine of the old Studebaker in my buddy’s garage. Months later after countless hours of taking apart and putting back together the job was done, though there were more-than-a-few parts left over. The car ran fine anyway and I learned an invaluable lesson: one person’s problem is another’s solution … a win-win.

I love business and I love bringing people together to help them realize a goal or dream. In the past 37 years of bringing people together, I’ve learned that doing a job well means crossing the transaction finish-line with everyone in a win-win position. Applying this philosophy in the business world has served me well. I have been the owner and founding member of seven different Texas companies representing over $300 million dollars in revenue generation and value. More importantly, I have had the privilege of associating with hundreds of astute business people that I now call friends. Most all of my business ventures have had roots in ‘land’… leasing, land and easement acquisitions, right-of-way use negotiation, buyer/seller, to name a few. Today I am using my diverse experience to market real estate with a focus on investment, development and commercial properties.

My main objective is to make sure every one of my clients has a positive experience and that I help them achieve their goal…no matter how large or small the transaction or project. I would welcome the opportunity to work for you and help you to achieve your real estate goals.

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