Management Team

Portrait of J.B.

J.B. Goodwin

"It is a pleasure to be welcomed, it is especially nice to be welcomed by the Big Chief When you're joining a new tribe. Great talk!" – Joel Alexander
"So great to meet and learn from the Founder/Leader of the company! It reaffirmed the reasons I chose to join the JBGoodwin Team!" – Laurie Kriegel
"I loved meeting Mr. Goodwin! Just knowing that he too stand behind good morals and runs the business this way, makes me feel excited to be joining his team "family"." – Maria Barriga
"It was nice to hear directly from J.B. the company philosophies and approaches to the real estate industry. His positive attitude is inspiring"." – Alyson McGee
"So great to meet and learn from the Founder/Leader of the company! It reaffirmed the reasons I chose to join the JBGoodwin Team!" – Laurie Kriegel
"It is great to know and meet the founder of the company to learn the history and reasons why he started this company. I personally like to know who I'm working for and more about him." – Sarah Williams
"Mr. Goodwin set the tone of the training presentations with his professionalism, dedication and light hearted manner. His presence set the bar high for our performance. Thank you." – Terrie Thomas
"Surprisingly enthusiastic and personable. He got the point of "work hard, make money" very well." – Stephen McMillen
"It was a privilege meeting J.B. Goodwin. He is truly a knowledgeable person – likeable and professional. Great way to kick off the training session!" – Shirley Urban
"Wish I could listen to him for days.  Wealth of knowledge." – Gary Wortham
"After hearing J.B. speak, now I understand why the company is so highly regarded in Austin." – John Ferguson
"It was very nice to have J.B. spend time with us and get to know us. Very informal and open conversations. He got us to find common interests among each other." – Laurie Bachorek
"It was very nice to see Mr. Goodwin take such an interest in getting to know each one of us personally." – Kacey Lione
"J.B. is very friendly and open.  I'm glad he made himself available to us for future reference.  He has a lot of wisdom to share." – Beth McAvoy
"Very informative. Answered all questions. Made learning enjoyable! Confirmed I made the right decision to join the company." – Karen McGrath
"It is a real benefit and statement having the owner of the company teaching at training." – Chuck Jenner
"It was great to meet with J.B. himself. What a great source of motiviation to hear his story of success and get tips from The Top." – Monte Gawthorp
"J.B. Goodwin was fantastic. His presentation was warm and informative. I love his no nonsense approach to business. His philosphy comes across as well thought out – trial and error informed. I felt very optimistic after his introduction." – Brandi Weber
"I was so impressed that you came and spoke with us in class. I am already so pleased to be a part of your company and it has only been a month!!! I look forward to the future!" – Renee Huggans
"It is nice to be able to meet the owner of the company. Mr. Goodwin instills confidence in me that this is a company founded on good morals and beliefs." – Jud duPerier
"Enjoyed the candid conversation. It's a one of a kind opportunity to meet the "name on the sign". It is also comforting knowing that you will be working with a leader who is genuinely concerned about your success." – Gina Nyland
"I really enjoyed meeting J.B. and hearing his down-to-earth advice about how to be successful." – Kevin Madden
"We first met JB when we put our first home up for sale. We knew he was going to be a big success some day. He listed our second home for sale. We knew it was going to be a rough go, but JB was positive throughout. After a very tense and iffy closing, JB told me I was the most difficult person he had ever met. I'd like to think I played a part in his phenomenal success. He was a very nice young man with enormous people skills. We have followed his career with interest over the past 43 years. Nice guys don't always finish last. Congratulations, JB!!!" – Michael Kelly
"Very inspirational!  I love that J.B. gets on a personal level with new agents, making you feel welcome and a part of the company.  It's great that the owner of a company gets to know his agents and you are not just a number, but a part of the JBGoodwin family!" – Shanelle Antonowicz
"Great hearing background information.  Love this company so much I had to come back.  Was an Office Manager, now a Realtor!" – Marcie Lowery, agent
"Great information from J.B.  Seems like the real deal, approachable and smart.  Glad to be part of the team!" – Katie Harrington
"Really appreciated J.B.'s honesty and history of the company.  Great advice and very motivating." – Alicia Smith
"J.B. was very inspirational and a top notch public speaker." – Joshua James
"Great history, motivational and down to earth." – Brandon Jennings
"I appreciate J.B. for welcoming us new agents as JBG Partners!  I like the "simple" practical advice like minding pleases and thank yous, listening with your eyes and to "Help People".  Very EXCITED to be here under great knowledgable leadership and family-like camaraderie." – Monica Nash
""Real", extremely personable, inspirational and motivating.  So nice of J.B. to take time to introduce himself and be interested in each of us." – Mendi Becker
"It speaks volumes that the owner of the Company takes time out of his busy schedule to meet new agents, give us advise, and allow us to ask questions. It was a great start to the training and to JBGoodwin REALTORS." – Jacy Rabold
"J.B. was pleasant and welcoming. He increased my inspiration and took the time to answer all of our questions. I understand why the company has been so successful." – Shannon Qureshi
"I love that J.B. personally begins every training class and communicates that "this is OUR Company". Also - his introduction is not just a 5-minute intro, so I feel his interest and support of us all!" – Tina Collins
"It meant so much for me to see how J.B. cares about everyone by being the first instructor of Square One classes and how he greatly passes on his experience and good energy!" – Patricia Mucchiut, agent
"J.B. not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.  That is leadership!  Thanks Mr. Goodwin." – Steve Howell, agent
"Very impactful to meet with him the first day in the first class of square one. Professionalism and attitude start from the top down in a company and it is a testament to how much Mr. Goodwin cares for his organization and the agents he hires" – Candice Blackwill, agent

Portrait of Byron

Byron "Buddy" Schilling

"In reference to legal training there is not a better individual in the world that could do a better job of this class with any company." – Matt Smith, agent Westlake Office
"This morning on the drive into the office I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness ... fingers and toes crossed that I had made the right decision. After being greeted by Buddy's smiling face, I knew I had made the right decision. Once J.B. began speaking to the class I felt a huge sigh of relief and then a huge jolt of excitement." – Sharon Mays, Agent Northwest Office
"Byron "Buddy" Schilling embodies the motivation, knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills that enable me to continue my real estate success. I greatly appreciate his unfailing commitment to my success and well-being. As a former real estate company owner with nearly 31 years in our business, I can say without any hesitation that Byron's the best!" – Larry Geller - Broker Consultant, agent Northwest Office
"I have been a Realtor since 1995 and have been with JB Goodwin Residential Corporation from the beginning. Quite frankly, Byron Schilling is the reason I came to JB Goodwin, and he is the reason I stay. His professionalism and knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed. "Buddy" is a responsive and supportive manager whom I enjoy working with immensely - a real asset to the real estate business!" – Dannielle Cantrell Gapin, agent Northwest Office
"Byron "Buddy" Schilling is quick-witted, sharp-minded, and takes a personal, genuine interest in each agent, beginner and seasoned pro alike. He is passionate about helping people succeed in this business. People gravitate to someone that shows that kind of interest in them! Buddy loves God, Country and his Fellowman. He makes this office profitable, ethical, AND FUN! That's a winning combination." – Gay Puckett, ABR,GRI, CRS, CLHMS, agent Northwest Office
"Love Buddy's enthusiasm and "Just Do It" attitude! He shared very practical knowledge and I feel much more equipped not to be confident going into a Listing Presentation than before. I learn by doing, so the role play was awesome!" – Shannon Tait, agent Northwest Office
"Buddy is without a doubt one of the best company real estate trainers I've had the pleasure to come across in my 21 years in the real estate industry. Humor in my opinion is the best way to teach!" – Steve Fohl, agent Westlake Office
"I wish that the agents at JBG knew better what kind of support they could get if they were more open to asking more questions and turned advice into actions. There is no lack on advice...it is up to the agent what to do with it. I still feed my business from your advice." – Ute Westphal
"It has been great getting to work with "Buddy" Schilling. I have known and worked with him for over 25 years in Austin Real Estate. I know him as a Realtor and a teacher. I highly respect his ability and friendship. "Buddy" is the kind of person that helps the world around. I would recommend "Buddy" and JB Goodwin Realtors to anyone." – Nash Phillips - Wilshire Homes
"I have known "Buddy" for over 20 years and his organization over 25. They are both top notch. As a builder with strong community ties, it is refreshing to see players like "Buddy" that are dependable, know the market and can be counted on. I want to thank JB Goodwin and "Buddy" for all the support given David Weekley Homes over the years. Let's have 25 more!" – Jim Rado - Area President David Weekly Homes
"I've been with JB Goodwin all of my real estate career and can't think of a better place to work. The management team is here to help you be successful. This is a fantastic time in real estate to be in this state, city and marketplace." – Leonard Guerrero, ABR, TRLP
"I want to thank you and the entire crew for welcoming me to this great team. This is the first real job I’ve ever had outside the military, and throughout my entire navy career everyone claimed I would *never* find another organization in the civilian world that could match the camaraderie and teamwork I enjoy in the military. But here I am on day #1 of my first “next” job, and everyone at JBGoodwin has proved those claims false. I am sincerely grateful for the warm reception and extraordinary kindness from absolutely everyone, and I look forward to working with all of you." – Brad Miller, Commander US Navy Retired
"Buddy's knowledge and passion for the industry and specifically JBGGoodwin REALTORS is contagious.  Loved the clear and enthusiastic training presentation of critical material.  Made it fun to learn.  Examples were most helpful." – Tom Murphy, NW Agent
"Everyone is so warm and friendly in your office. My colleagues and I were just talking about how much we love to come to your office to speak. You’re always very welcoming and your agents seem to really enjoy working together, which is hard to find these days." – Jamie Zachary, Ashton Woods Homes
"I've known Buddy Schilling for a long time but it wasn't until I became a trainer for Floyd Wickman that I got a chance to work with him and the rest of his team at JBGoodwin, REALTORS. What impressed me the most as we worked together was his masterful leadership skills combined with the true "family" atmosphere and culture in the company. At every turn, Buddy's focus was "how can we make this better for the associates?". As a result, we were able to have a fantastic program for his company. In the end, I felt that rather than having developed a client, I had discovered a group of professional friends. My only regret is that every time I'm invited to the company picnic, I'm scheduled to speak out of town! You cannot go wrong connecting with Buddy and JBGoodwin." – Jason Edwards, Former Floyd Wickman Sales Trainer
"Out of all the offices I visit, Buddy’s team is probably my favorite. I’m not just saying that. Your office always stands out in my mind as a terrific example of grace and professionalism. " – Ursula Whitworth, Sales Consultant at M/I Homes
"I really appreciate how welcoming you are to me, as well as the team. Your training program is much better than another Broker's! I did not feel prepared after the three months of training there - most of the subjects they covered were repetitive!! I had 3 rental properties for 3 years, but I was still not prepared, and I managed all of them! I feel better now going forward. So thank you, your program is just perfect, two weeks time frame is just awesome too!" – Leang Violand, REALTOR
" You are the embodiment of "Servant Leader" for me. You have incredible kindness and patience. Your discipline and diligence are inspiring. " – Xuan Redding, Northwest Office Agent & Manager
"I joined in 1999 when Byron was teaching pre-licensing classes. I think it was a Principals class I was in at USA training. Hands down he was the best instructor throughout the entire process. He was knowledgeable, energetic, confident, engaging, did I say knowledgeable....he knew his stuff and knew how to deliver it. The reason why I stay is, he is still that leader!! I love the NW office! I love our leadership! I'm a sucker for smart people and I love consistency!!" – Jacqui Washington. Northwest Office Agent
"I joined JBG because Buddy was so great to meet with and invited me to join a sales meeting while I explored my brokerage options. But, after meeting with him, the decision was made!" – Michele Scott, Northwest Office Agent
"Staff member Ralynn was a mole in my real estate school. Buddy, Mallory, and Kristina were so warm and friendly to me when I interviewed that I saw myself here." – Patricia Williams, Northwest Office Agent
"Who's your "Buddy"? The leadership, mentors, support staff, useful free tools to get you started and affordable tools to maintain and grow your business. The list is endless, but really its about the good people. JBGoodwin has been my family, so it was a no-brainer that when I decided to get a real estate license, that I'd choose the best to sponsor me." – Marcie Lowery, Northwest Office Agent
"Joining JBG was truly the best decision for me.  Buddy and Xuan have done everything in their power to make sure that I am taken care of in my new career choice.  Every day that I walk into the office they make me feel welcome.  They really do care about new agent success from providing on the spot training based on feedback, resources like free prints, and signs.  I am so glad to be apart of the JBG Family and know that because of the support I receive here that I will be a success in the business." – Crystal Sigsbey, Northwest Office Agent
"I very much enjoyed meeting you and discussing JB Goodwin. It was my pleasure discussing opportunities, training and the caring philosophy toward clients and the community. The core value of helping people appeals to me very much. Honestly, before I came in I had an idea of where I thought I wanted to be. However, I had read the information you sent and was intrigued. I am especially impressed with your ranking as the number one real estate office to work in Austin. That designation speaks very highly of your organization, not to mention the number of repetitive years you have achieved such status. That alone speaks volumes about your core philosophy of helping people. A company that cares about the people that encompass its operation is bound to be successful and have a group of happy people working together, a family! After meeting the ladies who support and keep the office running like clockwork, Miriam and Stephanie, and speaking at length with you regarding training and the onboarding process, I had already changed my mind. Just meeting some of the folks in the office briefly was very warm and welcoming. The answer was clear to me before I’d even left your office that JB Goodwin is where I want to be! I feel very fortunate to receive such a warm welcome. It is an honor to be invited to be a part of such a well-known and reputable real estate brokerage. I can assure you I will work very meticulously and diligently to uphold your outstanding reputation." – Melissa Dunlap, Northwest Office Agent
"It's apparent to me why the company is among the least litigated organizations of its size in the country. The president of the company taking the time to discuss things in a real-world context during Square One classes was very helpful." – Scott Sanford, Westlake Agent

Portrait of Erin

Erin Cestero

"Working with Erin and her program was a fantastic experience. Erin was extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with, all while handling and dealing with multiple challenges from other agencies. Having a competent realtor to work for you AND getting more money back than USAA is 'no-brainer'. I highly recommend the Military on the Move program." – Tony Straw, USAF Major
"The hardest part about moving is finding the right house and neighborhood to live. However, Erin made it easy by showing me all the options and keeping me informed through the buying process. Erin also introduced me to the Military on the Move program. This program put some much need cash in my pocket after my move to San Antonio. Even after my closing Erin still keeps in contact to make sure everything is going well. If you’re moving and need a relator then Erin and the Military on the Move is the way to go." – TSGT Eric Summerlin, USAF
"We have bought and sold a lot of homes and Erin is the best Realtor we have ever dealt with." – Evelyn Howe
"Erin is on top of everything! She is always on the cutting edge of the technology that will help us be more productive and efficient as agents. She is a marketing and training guru and always freely shares her ideas and tirelessly answers our questions. She is a key part of being a thriving agent in this office." – Laura Simmons, agent
"Erin was fantastic! She is a true professional with extensive knowledge in real estate! Our house sold within 7 days! We recommended her to other friends who needed a Realtor and have only heard good things!" – The Shumway Family
"Erin helped a very close family friend of mine with the build of their new home. I was so impressed with her attention to detail, professionalism, and understanding of the entire process I had to use her myself with the purchase of some property. I was again very satisfied and have recommended her to a coworker and to my father." – Brad Jones
"We were incredibly impressed by Erin's knowledge and the information she presented about the market. And on top of that, she is the most sincere, kind, and dedicated individual! She always made sure our needs were taken care of. We will recommend her to all of our friends and family and will use her again when we sell. She is the best realtor we've ever had and we moved every 2-4 years with the military." – Shelley Wisnowski
"Erin Cestero is an amazing Realtor. We sold our home in less than two weeks and I give Erin all the credit. She helped us with how to best prepare and stage our home, took the best photos I have ever seen, and kept constant communication throughout the whole process. Erin is very professional, responds quickly and just a pleasure to work with. If you want a realtor for life it's Erin Cestero." – B. Dunn
"Erin's professionalism and local expertise was key to selling our house. She far exceeded our expectations in every area. I would highly recommend her to anyone." – Scott Hand
"Erin was fantastic! I had a broker that I had worked with previously and expected to use in the sale of my house and buying a new one. I had contacted her and she didn't follow though to set up house viewings. My wife and I spotted a house that had Erin's sign on it. We called her and she responded quickly. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and just took care of things. She went to extra levels of service to sell my house and to make the house that I finally purchased be right. I felt that Erin had my back and represented me personally in every transaction. Thank you Erin!" – Tim Matus
"Erin came to our rescue as we were selling our house due to job relocation AND our first listing with a different realtor and company had expired. We were not happy with lack of commitment or follow up during prior 90 days. Erin was quick to assess our house and list it with an expanded marketing plan. We were wowed by what she did. How hard she worked, and constant communication. She had a contract on our house in 2 weeks and closed 3 weeks later! It was an amazing experience. Anyone considering an agent to sell their house should do themselves a favor and list with Erin. She will work for you like she did for us. Thank you Erin!" – T. Hidalgo
"Loved Erin. By far, the highlight of our moving process. Very responsive, very satisfied. Have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so." – Angela Vrooman
"Erin went above & beyond by standing in for us while we were still in MA. Flawless/fast closing. Couldn't be happier with JBG and Erin as our agent." – Brady Bradesca
"Erin was by far the best real estate agent that we've ever worked with and I'm confident in saying that she's at the top of her profession." – Eric Mullins
"Erin is a fantastic agent that works very hard for her clients." – Tracy & Melvin Pouncy
"Erin is a joy. She was on top of everything and kept us very informed. The entire process was very quick and easy." – Noel Lagunas
"Erin was outstanding to work with! She treated our modest $250,000 home listing just as she would have her million dollar listing. She was professional and always available for any needs of ours. We highly recommend Erin!" – Cindy Hager
"We will never use or recommend another agent. Erin is the third agent we've used in various markets and so far is the best. She knows the laws, the market, and contract language and works tirelessly to advocate for and protect her clients. We could not give her a higher recommendation. She has been our guardian angel in this process." – Josh & Angela Vrooman
"Erin Cestero was an insanely awesome realtor! She is very professional, really understands the market, and always friendly! Highly recommend her and JBGoodwin to anyone in need of real estate help!" – Brad Failor
"Erin is an outstanding agent that works hard for the client. Closing was very smooth and fast. She had everything organized." – Tracy Cotner-Pouncy

Portrait of Tammy

Tammy Gardner

"When I first joined JBGoodwin in Sept. 2012, I joined JBGoodwin, primarily because I liked Tammy. A year after, I am still very happy at JBGoodwin and I will be here as long as Tammy is here. She has helped with so many contract questions at all hours, via text, phone calls, and she is always open to my barging into her office and putting out the real estate fire. Tammy has a true team work mindset and her diligence and leadership skills continue to motivate and guide all newbie and seasoned realtors alike. Tammy said use me in getting our real estate questions and transactions closed, and I have used her to get my transactions closed. On a serious note, her people skills and her extensive knowledge in real estate is what makes her a great manager and I vote her to be the best manager in the whole wide Texas!" – Nicole Kim, Realtor, W.C. Office
"Tammy's leadership skills are unparalleled. She continually provides encouragement and support to the team of agents. Tammy is positive, highly energetic and fun! She amazes me with her creative marketing ideas, and is never too busy to stop and answer a question. Tammy is a treasure in our office, and in my many years of experience, the absolute best manager I have ever worked with." – Barbara McLaughlin, Realtor, W.C. Office
"This is a testimonial for Tammy Gardner, real estate leader extraordinaire!!!!!!! I have worked with her for most of the almost 5 years I've been with JBGoodwin REALTORS, first at the Northwest Office and now at the Williamson County Office. I may be an experienced agent, however there are still times when unusual situations come up in my transactions and Tammy has always been there to lend her assistance and support. I've worked for most of the other "big brokers'' in town over the 13 years I've been a Realtor and Tammy has been the best manager I've had the pleasure to work with, by far. She has the experience and know-how to run a successful real estate office. Plus, she is smart, resourceful, always upbeat and always willing to make time for whatever needs we agents have, even though she often has a busy schedule herself. I'd follow her to the moon if she decided to open an office up there!" – Paula Fiedler, Realtor, W.C. Office

Portrait of Mark

Mark Murrell

"Mark Murrell was integral in finding us our perfect home. We moved back to Austin from San Diego and he was incredibly patient with us trying to re-learn Austin. We were unsure of the area we wanted to live in so Mark provided us with resources to help us determine what would best meet our needs. Throughout the process Mark was professional and attentive to our ever-changing requests. Once we found our house, he was supportive and knowledgeable during the closing process to ensure that we felt comfort with all of the many details. We are so happy with our house, we won't be moving anytime soon, but if we ever need a larger home we would definitely insist that Mark Murrell be our realtor!" – Jim & Amanda Wilson
"I had been interviewing with people all over town, and someone from another Broker recommended I come and talk with you. I asked this person if most real estate firms have a focus of leasing or sales, and she said that she knew one place (JBGoodwin) that did do both. I also received some info in the mail from Mark which pushed me to email and set up a meeting. That is how I heard about the company. Why did I choose JBGoodwin to join? I want to start with leasing and move to sales. Of the other places I looked at they either did majority leasing or majority sales. The leasing places didn't give me confidence to move to sales in terms of writing first offers and having people around me who had done it before. The sales places looked on leasing like a last resort. I knew I wanted somewhere with training that was also cost effective - i.e. Keller Williams was very expensive. I was also impressed that you all invited me to a sales meeting and let me go on the caravan. It was good to see everyone already working away, and I also got a feel for the culture. I like that new agents can hold open houses for the busier agents. It is important to build your own leads, but this gives a leg up that other companies didn't discuss. Finally, I like that Mark was open in the interview. He discussed all the reasons to start with leasing which matched what my research had told me. I also like that you were honest about money and savings, which matched what my Realtor friends have said before. In fact in general I like that people don't seem to talk up their income and how well they are doing. People do talk about the challenges and use them as a learning stone." – SJ Kelly - WL Agent

Portrait of Andrea

Andrea Curry

"Andrea ROCKS!!!!  Super thankful she was on our side." – R. Smith
"Truly remarkable experience, this is our 3rd home and she made it easier and stress-free.  Andrea has the knowledge, expertise, to help understand the entire closing process from start to close" –

Portrait of Alberto

Alberto Hernandez

"Alberto Hernandez and he was great to work with. Negotiating the lease prior to closing was extremely important. He also helped with some AC problem!" – Stacey Elliott
"Great agent who is very knowledgeable and efficient. Clone this guy!" – Matthew Streitz
"Alberto is a fantastic agent and helped us greatly with our sale. He went 100% above and beyond with taking care of us and kept us in great communication after we had to leave the area, but still hadn’t closed on the house. He has all the characteristics of excellent customer service, patient; attentive; clear communicator; managed our expectations with grace, and always had a positive attitude! 5 gold star rating from our family!" – Ryan O'Neil
"We have been clients of Alberto Hernandez multiple times, and have always been very pleased with the process and the outcome! He is knowledgeable and friendly, and is always attentive to what we are looking for. We would definitely work with him again if we have the chance!" – Sarah Thompson
"Mr. Hernandez has been very helpful, hard-working, and professional on multiple transactions. He's also been eager to solve a variety of issues that are always encountered in real estate transactions. Great results." – Jon Daubert

Portrait of Jennifer

Jennifer Bowman

"Can’t speak highly enough of how amazing and helpful Jen was!" – Leyla Mirisoleiman
"I loved working with Jennifer on the purchase of my parent's home and daughter’s home! She was attentive and knowledgeable every step of the way! We are using her again to sell my parent’s home! She gets 5 stars every time!!" – Cheryl Clemenson
"Jennifer was great to work with, very knowledgeable and efficient. She helped me find my wonderful home." – Lauren Prince
"Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and puts words into action. She is willing to take the time to understand her clients and find the perfect home or buyer." – Katherine Lamb

Portrait of Grant

Grant Bowman

"Grant was excellent. We were in great hands!" – Kurt Parker
"Grant is an excellent real estate agent and a class act. I won’t do business with anyone else." – Chris Wilcut

Portrait of Jill

Jill Whittaker

"Jill completely the impossible task of selling a property that needed help. Not only did we sell, it sold over our expectations! Highly recommend!" – Frederick Frazier
"Jill was incredible, her communication was on point, she was personable, and obviously incredibly knowledgeable about the area and real estate transactions." – Olivia Susan Patenaude
"Jill Whittaker was absolutely phenomenal! From the beginning to the end, she was knowledgeable, professional, patient, and always responded very quickly...traits I require in a realtor. Do yourself a favor and hire Jill...you won't regret it!" – Tammy Brown

Portrait of Nicole

Nicole Lang

"I was moving from New Jersey and it took me over a year to make it happen. Nicole always kept me up to date and when it was time to find a place, she would FaceTime me so I could see. She knew neighborhoods, drive times, etc. I ended up in a great area in an awesome house love Nicole!!" – Christine Morrison
"Nicole was excellent to work with! Buying a home in a market that is exploding and has limited housing choices means you must have an agent that is constantly looking out for you. Nicole did that and more the entire time. She was always available and answered every question. We could not have found our home without all of her hard work." – Jace Jones
"Nicole makes this selling a house thing too easy.  So glad she was our Realtor!  Look up "above and beyond" and an image of her pops up!" – Jonathan Cortez
"Nicole is the best realtor in my opinion and puts her heart into her work. She promises and delivers. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to buy or sell again unless it’s her." – Audra Cortez
"Nicole is very professional from start to finish.  Answering all questions we had with a very quick response. Whether it's selling or buying a home I would highly recommend using Nicole she's the best!!" – Jamie T.
"There aren't enough positive words to describe the experience of selling our home with Nicole as our agent! My husband and I were very sentimental and apprehensive about the whole process of selling our home because we had it built and lived there for 20 years. It was the first home my husband and I have ever owned. From our very first meeting with Nicole, she put us at ease and took such an enormous weight off our shoulders. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable while still being sincerely friendly, kind and funny. Best of all, because of her great expertise and helpful suggestions, our home sold quicker than we could have ever imagined and above asking price. I will keep in touch with Nicole in the future for any other real estate needs that should arise. I would greatly recommend Nicole Lang for anyone who wants buy or sell their home with confidence! Thanks again Nicole Lang....you are awesome!!!!" – Becca Torres
"Nicole is a saint walking among us. We had a really rough time with our relocation company and she went above and beyond her job description to help make the process as painless as possible. She even showed up to help move boxes around in our garage around to satisfy the relocation company's demands. She is also extremely well networked!  Need a move-out clean?  She knows a person!  Need lawn care for photos or move out?  She knows a person!…. And if she doesn’t, she will still have you covered by the end of the day. 10 out of 10!" – Crystal Strickland
"Nicole is a great agent, knowledgeable, caring, super responsive, and more. I have had the honor to work with her on a couple of processes (Buying/Selling), and she is always quick to handle any issues and always has her client's best interest in mind. I have worked with many agents before, but I think she is one of the best agents in Texas." – Mary Mercado

Portrait of Alyson

Alyson McGee

"I’ve bought and sold a lot of property so I’ve had a lot of experience with other Realtors and Real Estate Agents. Alyson is my favorite of all of them. Alyson’s demeanor is easy-going and professional. Alyson displays prodigious adaptability, which shows confidence and ability. I’m a difficult client to work with, so I was very happy to see Alyson rapidly shift her approach to match my personality quirks. Over the next few years I will probably have to list a rental property, buy a new primary residence, and acquire some investment properties. If I do end up needing them, I will give Alyson all of my future listings." – Jeff York
"As a newcomer to the Austin area, I was not familiar with the market, pricing or availability of property. In working with Alyson, my move to Austin from Colorado was made easier even with all its complexities. Alyson was diligent in locating properties within my established price range which resulted in my selection of a condominium in a complex under construction. Once the unit was placed under contract, she was able to locate and secure temporary rental quarters in a very hot market while my home was being built. She was an on-going advocate for my interests and rights with the Developer. She worked with me to champion my needs and required timetable. She assisted me with closing, inspection and punch list items and utilized the office’s strong position and reputation within the real estate market to get things addressed. She is diplomatic, professional and a true advocate for her clients. She continued to provide follow-up on items with the Developer after the move-in and provided valued guidance with local real estate filing needs. The customer service received was exceptional." – Joseph Bell
"I am so grateful to Alyson McGee. She is a fantastic realtor and amazing person to work with. Around three years ago, after frustration finding projects in CA, I visited Austin for the first time looking for homes to improve and upgrade for sale. My partner Randy and I met her by chance at an open house and we got to chatting about Austin, ourselves and our goals. Alyson was personable, well informed, passionate about both history and urban renewal ... we felt she deeply cared about her city and was very frank with her observations, directing us to areas that matched our goals. As things turned out, we identified a project elsewhere, in Phoenix, and when it came time to look at Austin again, she was there for us! By now my goals had changed and I wanted a home for my daughter who will attend UT-Austin, a home for myself as a new / future resident, and a rental home for cash flow. Incredibly, Alyson helped me accomplish all of these goals in a few short weeks. I bought new construction in SoCo and she looked out for my interests in all steps of the transaction. The entire process was accomplished easily with Alyson's personal experience and professional knowledge. Her affability with everyone we worked with made every transaction both a pleasure and learning experience. By far, she is the best realtor I've come across in the five years since deciding to generate equity and cash flow through real estate. Thank you Alyson!" – Liz Avian
"Alyson is one of the best agents we have worked within 40 years of real estate investing. She is knowledgeable, diligent and extremely detail oriented. Our favorite." – Richard Kooris
"Alyson McGee is the BEST! She brings an unrivaled depth of knowledge to the table. Whether it is the local Austin real estate market or translating the complex language of the contract into layman’s terms, Alyson is the one! She is a negotiating queen, honest and down to earth. A delight to be around. You are in great hands with Alyson!" – Amanda Lombardi
"My husband and I were referred to Alyson McGee by a friend when we started looking for a home in Austin. Alyson was always a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. She got us scheduled to see some homes very quickly, including one that came on the market just a few hours before we went out - which ended up being the home that we purchased. We couldn't recommend her any more highly - she made the process easy and smooth, and we will go to her again if we ever plan on selling/buying again in Austin!" – Andrew Wash
"Alyson McGee is hands down one of the most professional, caring, and friendliest realtors we've ever met! From the start, she attentively listened to what we were looking for and took the time to show us many houses. She provided such strong support for us as first time home buyers. We never felt rushed or discouraged with her during this process. Alyson never hesitated to educate us on the process of buying and the options we could explore. We appreciated her transparency and kindness. It's not a transaction, it's a relationship and we believe this is her best trait as a realtor!" – Casie Luong
"We were fortunate to be referred to Alyson Mcgee with JB Goodwin Realtors Westlake during our cross-state, mid-pandemic move and I cannot say enough about how great it was to have her in our corner. Her love of Austin, knowledge of the area, negotiating skills, and dedication made the process enjoyable and left us satisfied with our purchase. We will be referring our friends and family to her. Thank you, Alyson!" – Justin Morris
"Alyson was amazing. Beyond expectations and hope at a time when the market provided obstacle after obstacle. Anyone who has lived in Austin for a while knows the struggle. Alyson was referred to me by close friends and their judgment was on point. Having her as our agent was more than just her being personable, or knowledgeable; she is both. At every nebulous, strange step into the world of real estate to buy my first home, she was patient, and a huge advocate for my best interest in dealing with the builders. She also followed up to kindly remind me of important homestead paperwork that needed to be filed - this was after closing! She does not forget or dismiss her clients after a sale, and really invests (no pun intended) her energy to be dedicated to the work she does. I wish I could recommend her to everyone!" – Erica Bean
"Alyson has been an amazing Realtor throughout the process of us buying 3 investment properties in Austin as well as many of our friends that we have sent her way.  She has always been professional, helpful, and honest throughout the process and I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with her to do so." – Paul Ray Judia, Jr.

Portrait of Ken

Ken Pearson

"Ken did a great job of working to my schedule and was very understanding of my needs.  He set up a 7 am closing to accommodate my schedule. Everything was set up and went quickly so I could get to my restaurant." –
"It was a great experience working with our realtor Ken Pearson! He patiently took us through many homes and open houses to discover what we really wanted in our next home. When we finally decided on the perfect place he guided us to close. I look forward to working with Ken in the future." – Adam Peterson
"Ken Pearson is the best! We used him first as a buyer’s agent and our experience was so good that we went right back to him when we needed a seller’s agent. Very professional, great attitude, attention to detail. You will find the best realtor and make a friend!  Highly recommended!!" – Neil & Kati Howell

Portrait of Rich

Rich Calzada

"Rich was responsible in the selling of our home. He was very nice, as well as professional. If I had to give advice to anyone who was in need of a Realtor, I would definitely name Rich to do the job. We were happy with the sale and considered Rich a friend as well." – Linda LaRose

Portrait of Xuan

Xuan "Swan" Redding

" You treat people with respect and genuinely care about them. You love your husband and family and work hard to show your girls the difference between right, wrong and being responsible.  You are a student of your profession. Not just a professional. But one that is always seeking to get better. " – Byron "Buddy" Schilling, President
"Joining JBG was truly the best decision for me.  Buddy and Xuan have done everything in their power to make sure that I am taken care of in my new career choice.  Every day that I walk into the office they make me feel welcome.  They really do care about new agent success from providing on the spot training based on feedback, resources like free prints, and signs.  I am so glad to be apart of the JBG Family and know that because of the support I receive here that I will be a success in the business." – Crystal Sigsbey, agent Northwest Office
"Xuan helped us get into the perfect rental house for our family, and she was awesome to work with!!!  We are just very grateful to JB Goodwin, and Xuan!! Thank you!!" – Barry Pape
"I’ve now bought and sold a home, as well as purchased an investment property, and never thought twice about what Austin realtor to use. I’ve also sent close colleges and friends her way with glowing recommendations. She is very intelligent, genuine, and professional to work with. Xuan brings a very strong market understanding and financial prowess yet also knows when dropping off a bottle of wine or a chat over coffee is what is needed to close the deal. She genuinely wants you to be successful, in whatever fashion you desire that as in your real estate endeavor. Xuan then has the knowledge and talent to make that happen." – Aaron

Portrait of Leonard

Leonard Guerrero

"Extremely professional, courteous, and responsive agent. Leonard also acted out of complete integrity and earned my trust immediately." – Lilly Timon

Portrait of Beth

Beth Rothenbury

"Thank you for everything you do!  You are awesome!!!!!  You have been the best help so far with anything I need.  Beth helped me with Moxi and a lot of other projects that I'm trying to make work so I can reach out to clients etc.  She puts me on her schedule even at the last minute.  Wow !!  Thanks again for your support, Beth!" – Teresa Wallace, Northwest Agent
"I can’t thank you enough for helping me get set up for the Square 1 class.  I sooo much appreciate you." – Ginger Carnright

Portrait of Riccarda

Riccarda Alfaro

"Riccarda by far was the best real estate agent I’ve ever worked with. She took the time to listen to everything I was looking for and was very open to my property suggestions. She is such a warm soul and really CARES about her clients. Riccarda always responded to me in a timely manner and even went out of her way when I needed additional help with my leasing documents. She made me feel at ease and never rushed any decisions from me. She is super professional but also down to earth and easy to talk to. Riccarda is such a kind and bubbly spirit, she truly made this process so much easier I am very blessed to have met her." – Serena Betts
"Riccarda was exceptional in helping us with finding our perfect rental house. We didn’t make it easy on her, but it never seemed to bother her. She was always on top of everything, highly responsive, and was determined to find us what we wanted. I highly recommend you contact Rica to help with your home search!" – Cody Clark
"As per usual, Riccarda continues to go above and beyond to find the exact home you desire. This will be the 2nd home she has located for me and I couldn't be happier." – Lauren Trevino

Portrait of Nikki

Nikki O'Rourke

"We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Nikki O'Rourke. We were first-time homebuyers with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. We met with a couple of realtors before Nikki, but it was a bad experience for us. Nikki is honest and hands-on (she even met us during her day off and to show us a house at 7pm), and she really helped to take the pressure off our shoulders. Nikki made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps many other Realtors don't (but should).  The best part about working with Nikki was that she was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than she was on closing a deal.  Nikki explained that her job is more about helping a family find their perfect home. She proved that time and again with her thorough knowledge of home construction and the local market. Every time we viewed a new property Nikki would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc. Nikki also helped us to negotiate and get the price we were comfortable with. In the end, we found the house that was perfect for us and are loving it so far.  We highly recommend Nikki O'Rourke to anyone looking for their perfect house. Thank You and God Bless, Nikki!!" – Joan and Travis
"I'm so pleased with Nikki O'Rourke. Her work ethic, market savvy, and timely responses are exactly what I look for when working with a realtor. You can feel totally at ease knowing that she is putting her all into looking for the perfect home for you. She's very thorough and you can tell she wants to find you exactly what you're looking for. Totally recommend her to any military families or retired vets too!" – Jessenia Cruz
"Nikki O'Rourke is so easy and fun to work with! She puts you at ease and is very responsive. Will be partnering with her for all of my future home buying needs." – Audree Wells
"Nikki has a strong work ethic and is extremely passionate about everything she does. She can do anything that she sets her mind to. Her passion for real estate has been growing for years, I’m glad I got the experience working with such an amazing individual." – Kassandra Garza
"First-time home buyer in an insane market and I was incredibly lucky to have Nikki O’Rourke as my first realtor. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional (yet personable!), patient, and ethical. You can tell she truly has her client’s best interest at heart, which was extremely refreshing in an industry where most are just trying to close deals or work with those with a high budget. She never tried to push me past my limits and gave her honest opinion on properties whenever asked. Nikki truly listens to what your wants and needs are and delivers. She did not waste time taking me to properties that did not align with my specifications, which is highly appreciated!  When it came to placing an offer, she really made me feel at ease by helping me understand the process and answering all of my questions. She was also able to offer me advice on ways to make my offer more appealing without having to go above budget. Ultimately, her suggestions are what helped me land the home. I highly suggest Nikki to anyone!" – Alexandra Reyna
"Nikki is a pleasure to work with. She is super caring and attentive, definitely would recommend her to those looking for their next home!" – Naz Bokhari
"I have had the delightful pleasure of working with Nikki O’Rourke. In addition to being organized and responsible, she exudes a very welcoming personality. Her compassion to help and support others is what gives me the confidence to recommend her to anyone who is seeking an outstanding hard worker." – Evelyn Garza
"I had the pleasure of working directly with Nikki O’Rourke for some of my business needs. She was absolutely spectacular. She always listened attentively to all of my requests, was respectful in all of our interactions, and exuded so much professionalism. She truly blew me away. I can confidently say I would 100% trust her to help me with any real estate needs. Her selling skills are amazing. Such a pleasure to work with. Thank you Nikki!" – Teresa Tafoya

Portrait of Mary Ann

Mary Ann Castro

"Thanks for all the nice things you do! You keep everything running smoothly and I'm thankful for your help and support!" – Teresa Wallace, NW Agent
"Thank you for the many hats you wear! You "set-up, encourage, remind, help" and do it all with a smile and kind heart. I appreciate your work!" – Susan Vrazel, NW Agent

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