Melanie Bjugan


Melanie Bjugan

Hello, my name is Melanie Bjugan, and I was born in Austin Texas.  Growing up in this beautiful college town we know as the capital of Texas was quite magical for me.  The population was only around 200,000 and the opportunities, sights and attractions were endless.  The Rio Grande campus of Austin Community College in downtown Austin is where I began my continuing education.   There was and are so many beautiful areas of this great city, just depending on where you would like to reside. 

I worked at Threadgill's restaurant for 30 years, managing and booking music for 20 of those years.  My career there allowed me to know and work with some of the most interesting and influential people in this city.   I've traveled to many different places but have never had the desire to move away from this beautiful city that I call home.  

Let me help you with buying, selling, or any rental needs you have.  

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