Austin Hedges


Austin Hedges

As a Realtor for JB Goodwin, I come with an arsenal of creative real estate solutions that respect established budgets and schedules, all while responding to the clients’ needs and desires. It is essential within my portfolio of knowledge that each real estate transaction be treated uniquely. Every problem has a solution, so being creative and ready to go with multiple strategies for each clients needs is paramount in my book. This all results in a refined collaboration between the client, our team members, and governing authorities, all working in harmony, to create the art that is a successful seamless execution of a real estate deal. I work every day to gain knowledge of various situations that may arise when buying, selling, leasing, or investing in homes and I bring a diverse set of experiences and talents to my clients. 

As your agent, you will get a keen eye for detail, from documents to construction skills, cost associated, creative financing solutions, to investing in real estate. I am an investor in real estate myself, so why not use someone that knows how you might think or has the experience to help you get to your goals. I am and will be all about you in your process, through listening to your every need all while going above and beyond to help you step by step to full execution of your real estate needs. My word is my bond. Being native to Austin, Texas has helped my clients and I be successful through market awareness in this area. In the past and currently, I do home remodeling and “flipping of homes” in the Central Texas area, seeing the process all the way through each deal to its new happy owners with that eye for detail and design. My personal beliefs are embedded in the ethics and morals of the Golden Rule. So it is my goal that I not only exceed your expectations as your Realtor, but also create a life long relationship.

Professional Associations: 

LicensedTexasReal Estate Agent

National Association of REALTORS® 

TexasAssociation of REALTORS® 

Austin Board of REALTORS®

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (I can help you Buy / Sell / Lease or Invest in any state or in 33 countries worldwide)

Member of the Austin Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Member of the Austin Multiple Listing Service (MLS - Leasing)

My Sole Job Is To Help You Succeed !   

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"Austin Hedges has been exceptional to work with. He has extensive knowledge of what to look for in a potential property and always advised us on what the best questions to ask are. Although the market has been difficult for potential buyers, Austin has helped us navigate it and stay positive!"
Nils Hansen
"Austin was amazing on very short notice helping us to find a place and went well out of his way with his personal time and above and beyond do any little extra to find and help I could not have asked for any better or helpful and check on us after as well"
Val Str
"Austin Hedges provided an incredible service searching for just the right home for me over a period of nine months. He was patient, always sharp, and right on with suggestions or recommendations. I never felt pressured. He answers calls quickly, and the closing was handled with efficiency and professionalism. He's the best realtor I have ever had. He represented me and my best interests."
Joan Naron
"Wow! Let me start off by saying, thank you!! We hired Austin to be our realtor, he made the process of buying a home as smooth as can be! I couldn’t have been more happier. When times got tuff he got us through it! But most importantly, when it came down to contracts, he was beyond quick to provide, there was NEVER a waiting game with him! I can’t express how fantastic he was, life long realtor that’s for sure! Thank you so much for all your hard work and you truly are a great realtor!"
Rebecca Harmer
"We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Austin Hedges. His knowledge and experience are vast and really helped us to lock down the property with the numbers we hoped for. I relied on his expertise and it helped me to save a ton. Thanks Austin you're the best!"
Coty Dudley
"Austin Hedges was an amazing realtor and did wonders throughout our home buying experience. Even emotional support for my wife and I when some things were looking down he really stayed the course for us and came through in a pinch. He had all of our contracts and all of our ducks in a row before anybody else have their stuff together. He made sure that all the parties were kept in touch with more than necessary as he worked both ends of the deal alone, for buyer and facilitating the sellers needs from out of state. I'm a very detailed person and I couldn't have asked for better productivity, diligence, and detail on his end, and for that, I am very grateful."
Brian Howard
"Austin Hedges is the best of the best! Excellent to work with. Very professional and efficient."
Shea Pennington
"Having not been in the housing market in over 20 years and have known Austin Hedges all his life, I reached out in getting his help and expertise in starting the process of purchasing another house. Hands down, Austin goes above and beyond in trying to not only find out your interests in what you are looking for and location but makes great suggestions along the way. When I started this process, I changed not only locations but also the interests in what I was looking for. Austin's knowledge in the markets and keen sense of real estate relaxed my nerves and showed me every property in the areas I was interested in and also knew market information for each area. In knowing this would be a contingency deal with having to sell before buying and the difficulties associated with this in a strong market, Austin gave me the direction needed to get an offer on the table and ultimately purchasing the house I wanted. To further this, the negotiations with the other realtor in pricing once the inspections were done, were priceless in his help. I would highly recommend Austin to anyone who wants someone that goes above and beyond to help in any way."
David Smith
"We are very pleased that he was our agent. He had a lot of energy, he goes above and beyond. We will hire him definitely for our next renting."
Jin Xia

Austin Hedges was excellent, always prompt to answer calls, very professional, answered all questions with clarity and knowledge, and was most of all looking out for our best interest. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a home or any other property. 


We are so lucky to have found Mr. Hedges as our real estate agent. He is professional, detail oriented, and passionate about his line of work. Mr. Hedges did an excellent job keeping us updated and was extremely responsive. We really appreciate his effort in keeping our lines of communication open. In the end, he was able to quickly help us rent out our investment property during the low season. We will definitely have him as our agent again.


We had a very hard start off, there were some difficulties, but in the end, I got an amazing place with his help.

Ciara McIntyre

Austin Hedges was beyond amazing. Not only was he knowledgeable and honest. He also advised and recommended that I switch lenders as I was getting a horrible deal on the financing. He put me with the perfect lender which got me an awesome deal on the interest rate and closing. He was right by my side the whole seven months while my house was being built and helped me navigate through tough and unfamiliar waters. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.

Amber Walters

Thank you Austin Hedges!!! You have helped make my dreams come true of being a homeowner!! You were so patient, professional and knowledgeable thru this whole process. It was a pleasure working with you. You definitely made this experience a wonderful one. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sasha Becker

Austin Hedges did a phenomenal job helping my family and I find the perfect place for us. He really listened to us during the process and we never felt pressured to put an offer in on a place we weren't 100% committed to. He really made the whole experience feel like a friendship rather than a business transaction. He was there to talk me through every step, was patient when I got frustrated, and remained in regular contact throughout the entire process and even after we closed. Additionally, he offers a Military on the Move program that really helped with closing costs. If you want someone who is trustworthy, responsive, and patient, then I highly recommend you reach out to Austin Hedges.

Nick Carter

I personally want to thank Austin Hedges for all the time and effort that he put into looking for our new house. Austin went way above and beyond a realtor's duty. Austin was very professional, personable and just a very pleasant person to work with. He made me feel like I had a friend in Texas to help me move from CA. Thanks again for all the kind extras you did for me and my family.

Joseph Wall

Austin Hedges provided the most excellent, speedy, honest service for my boyfriend and I in being selected as tenants to rent the home we really wanted! I highly recommend Austin for his personable, professional and committed services if you have any real estate needs!

Tracy Knowles

Austin Hedges went above and beyond to help us fellow veterans find our next home. We weren't in the position to buy a house, and the chances of us being rented to were very slim under certain circumstances. Mr. Hedges knew this, and still, he assisted us and made things happen for us in order to have a roof over our heads! He always made sure to keep in contact and was always available for our calls. A 'thank you' is simply not enough for how much effort he made towards helping us. He is forward, honest, and is definitely the person we will always recommend to anyone looking to find or sell their home!

Krista Tanis
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