Rogelio A. Jimenez


Rogelio A. Jimenez


My name is Rogelio A. Jimenez and I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. I am bilingual and I've called three different cities home, Laredo, San Antonio, and Austin.

Why Real Estate? Real Estate has been in my family since I was born. Both my grandparents are architects, my father is a builder, and my brother followed my grandparent's footsteps and is an architect as well. I chose to become a real estate professional because I love to help people. Growing up, I witnessed the frustrations that builders, sellers, and buyers can experience during a transaction and saw an opportunity there. The knowledge that my family has provided, my extensive real estate training, and my business background have helped me give my clients the best service and ensure their real estate experiences are positive.

In addition to my career in real estate, I am very active, enjoying long runs, working out, and playing golf (scratch golfer).  So, give me a call today, and let's go play a round of golf and talk real estate!

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