Shelby Rowland


Shelby Rowland

Since I was a young child, my parents worked in the real estate industry. As young entrepreneurs, they ran several real estate-related businesses and firms in California. Because of their work, I was given a unique advantage in understanding the real estate industry from a young age.

When I turned seventeen, I left the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to San Antonio, Texas. My family heritage and my degree brought me to Texas to study at the University of Texas in San Antonio, majoring in Real Estate Finance and Development. Through the fantastic professors at UTSA, I have learned an immense amount about the real estate world and especially the commercial real estate industry. I have been able to build skills in real estate investment, economics, business communications, professional development, finance, real estate decision-making, and social media marketing.

I am an active member of several organizations including the Professional Business Women's Society at UTSA and a student member of Comercial Real Estate Women (CREW). I also enjoy giving back to the local community through volunteer work and community clean-up efforts.

I live every day striving for greatness and success and will do the same for you.

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"Shelby is an amazing professional, who brings skills and expertise gained from being exposed to the real estate industry and small businesses for years. Shelby’s ability to see beyond the problem, develop a plan, execute her plan independently, and see it through to completion is quite impressive. Her unwavering confidence, ability to stay calm under pressure and professionalism come naturally. I would recommend Shelby for any role knowing that she can and will rise to the occasion."
Lewis Bishop, Real Estate Broker, founding partner in Novare Developments & Honomobo, California
"Shelby is by far one of the sharpest young persons I have ever worked with. She shows up on time, ready to work, and often exceeded my expectations. She is an excellent writer and communicator. I have used her multiple times to draft documents, letters, marketing, and ad copy. She is organized and enjoys being challenged to perform at a high level."
Mike Rowland, Real Estate Broker, Contractor, Small Business Owner & Developer
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