Henry Seiley


Henry Seiley

Real estate has long been a dream for me. I first came to Austin in 1980, shortly after graduating high school in Lake Charles, LA.  I joined the Army thinking that was my ticket to paying for college. I retired after twenty-one years in the Army, and 15 years of Civil Service.  This gave me the freedom to finally dive into the dream of Real Estate. 

I was created with a servant's heart.  This gift has led me into customer service arenas my entire life.  I have worked in the hospitality business, the transportation business, auto sales as well as federal service.  My positions in the Army too were support oriented, with my line units being my customers.  The military instilled in me many strong traits. The most important trait, in my opinion, is integrity.  As a Realtor, integrity will be my watchword.  My clients, peers, and superiors will be secure in putting their trust in me. 

I joined the Army in 1987, leaving Austin until 2000. What a big change in the city in those years I was away.  Today, it has changed even more drastically. I completed my military service in the Texas National Guard while working full-time for the Department of Defense on Camp Mabry. After retiring in 2016, I began a six-year hitch with the United States Postal Service. When COVID hit I decided to take an early retirement after 15 years of Civil Service.  I could not see myself doing another ten years to complete full retirement.  So the "Sleeper has awoken," and the dream is coming alive.

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