Francisco Castello


Francisco Castello

My name is Francisco Castello! I was born and proudly raised in Puerto Rico. I attended one of the best schools on the island, with diverse extracurricular activities and challenging academic curriculum.  Throughout middle school and high school, my biggest passion was basketball, which taught me endurance, a competitive drive, responsibility, and the importance of being a team player.  All of the skills I acquired from my education and love for sports helped me grow as an individual. I learned how to be resilient, focused, dedicated, and live with integrity.

I attended college in Boston at Suffolk University, where I studied marketing and continued playing basketball in the NCAA.  After my sophomore year, I moved to my new home, Austin, Texas, where I finished my bachelor’s degree in marketing at St. Edward’s University. I fell in love with Austin as soon as I arrived. There is just an abundance of locations and attractions to explore that welcome you and makes you feel right at home.  St. Edward’s was a wonderful university, but during my time there we were hit by Covid-19. It was challenging not to be able to attend school, do everything from home, and even socialize from a distance. These tough times also shaped me to be more resilient, adaptable, and accountable as I learned to maneuver through our new world.

Outside of my education, I gained work experience in retail for 2 years, which helped me kickstart my interpersonal skills and strengthen my skills in sales.  During college, I also gained work experience in the Alumni Office of Suffolk University. Here I worked in fundraising to benefit the future of our university’s community.  When I moved to Austin, I began work with a new company that focused on sales of refurbished equipment. I quickly became the owner’s right hand, making sure our clients received not only high-quality products, but also excellent client support and services.  I also helped the company by making sales calls to clients, further refining my ability to make sales and interpersonal skills.  I additionally was in charge of making sure to keep in contact with all of the clients and let them know I was there for them, as I will continue to do so as I progress in this amazing career.

I love working with people! That is the reason I decided to join the team at JBGoodwin—because of the motto "help people." To me, that is what this career and passion is all about:  helping you every step of the way and making sure the process to achieve your goals and dreams is as smooth as possible! 

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