Cindy Donley


Cindy Donley

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I'm Cindy, a long-time Austinite and Texan, I was raised in North Austin and moved to South Austin in my 20’s. Real Estate is my third career, but my first love. I worked in Social Work first, then became a teacher. I taught Special Education in the Austin Schools for 15+ years. I am now doing something that I used to do on my summers off—looking for houses! I bought two HUD houses one summer, fixed them up, sold one and continue to rent the other. I am now living in my fourth Austin home. I just like checking out houses!

Other things I enjoy are traveling, biking and spending time with my teenage daughter.

As you can tell from my career choices, I love to Help People! I love facilitating finding the perfect place for you and seeing the light in your eyes as you come to life, knowing that you have found “home.” There is nothing better than knowing you have a haven for yourself, family, and little furry children as well. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you find just the right sanctuary.

Because I have moved a number of times, I too have put my home on the market, packed and prepared to bring the new owners in, not only physically, but in spirit as well. I have experience in listing properties in this form, preparation and helping a home into the transition between current and new owner. Let me help you do this as well!

I also have experience in investing. I have bought, fixed up, sold and rented. I am so familiar with the Austin market, this is a seamless endeavor for me to accomplish. I like a bit of a challenge at times and don't mind hunting down owners, on occasion. Austin is a great place for investing, as there is invariably a return!

Feel free to give me a call and I'll see where we can go from there! I am always available when it comes to real estate!

Cindy Donley

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