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Born and raised by new coming parents and family from the Caribbean islands to the United States. My family and I found our way from the islands to a humble setting in the city of New York.  Then to the place we have now called home for the past 10 years - the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. In the past 10 years, I've got to witness the growth of Austin and surrounding areas. Since then It has become one of the most popular and biggest cities in America.  As it continues to grow I grow with it. 

When I'm not working on real estate, I am furthering the mission of my non-profit GOODMONEYENTERPRISE FOUNDATION. A foundation dedicated to arts & humanities. Founded by me in 2019 to help others have a meaningful and quality life. Doing the things I love. Working hard, doing great business, making music, playing sports, entertaining, enjoying the outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends. Living by the motto "The Sky's The Limit!"

As an agent, my duty is to focus on solutions and give inspiration. While providing the best service as an agent performing my fiduciary duty. Aiming to go above and beyond to ensure each client I come across is more than satisfied every time we do business.

Since I started my real estate career, I have been working with non-profits to overcome the crises of homelessness and relocating for the homeless and refugees in America. Developing a better future for all. With investors, landlords, housing programs, across the nation developing strategies and solutions to affordable housing issues.

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