Pratibha Dhamala


Pratibha Dhamala

My interest in Real Estate started when I started my home-buying journey. I met both really good realtors as well as some that I did not feel a connection with. The good ones really helped make my process joyous and radiated a sense of happiness throughout my process. I admired the profession that allowed a stranger to help me with one of the biggest decisions as well as one of the biggest purchases of my life. I wanted to be a part of someone's joy and help them make the right decision on something that is so important to them. 

Whether selling or buying a house, it is an emotional time and an incredible journey. I want to be a part of your journey as a seller or a buyer to help you either find a buyer that will love and care for your house as much as you did, or help you find a house that meets most if not all your requirements. I want to be part of your family in this journey, I want to understand your story and share that with your buyers, so they feel connected to the house as you are, and for buyers to find a house that will live up to your requirements and help you make a house a home.

I am a dedicated professional and take my job very seriously. I cannot wait to get on the wagon with you to help you sell and buy. I assure you I will take the job seriously but make the process fun for you. 

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