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J.B. Goodwin

JBGoodwin opened a real estate company the day he graduated from the University of Texas, June 1, 1972. Goodwin perceived Austin's and San Antonio’s need for a professional, full-service real estate organization. He launched an extensive training program for his agents, joined a national real estate relocation service, and began establishing branch offices.

He pursued the full-service real estate aspect of his dream by starting a corporate relocation service, commercial sales & leasing company, mortgage company, property management company, home building company, residential & commercial development company, residential leasing service, and insurance agencies.

Now, more than 50 years later, JBGoodwin REALTORS® has nearly 900 agents and staff located in four offices in the Austin area and four in the San Antonio area. The company has handled tens of billions of dollars in real estate sales and leases, comprised of over 100,000 individual transactions.

Goodwin's civic contributions to the community are numerous. He was Chairman of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Brackenridge Hospital Foundation, Austin Symphony, and Austin Chamber of Commerce. Chaired the Economic Development Council for the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Chaired committees for United Way and Austin Community College. Today, he and the company actively support a wide variety of local nonprofits through its JBGiving charitable arm.

In 2019, J.B. was awarded REALTOR® Emeritus status by the National Association of REALTORS®, and In 2021 was awarded a RISMedia Real Estate Leadership award.  For 2022, J.B. was named to the RISMedia Real Estate Newsmakers Hall of Fame, and he was enormously proud for JBGoodwin REALTORS®  to receive a 2023 Top Workplaces USA Award, finishing First in the nation. Today, after more than five decades in the business, J.B. continues to be involved in the company’s day-to-day operations.

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"Very impactful to meet with him the first day in the first class of square one. Professionalism and attitude start from the top down in a company and it is a testament to how much Mr. Goodwin cares for his organization and the agents he hires"
Candice Blackwill, agent
"J.B. not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.  That is leadership!  Thanks Mr. Goodwin."
Steve Howell, agent
"It meant so much for me to see how J.B. cares about everyone by being the first instructor of Square One classes and how he greatly passes on his experience and good energy!"
Patricia Mucchiut, agent
"I love that J.B. personally begins every training class and communicates that "this is OUR Company". Also - his introduction is not just a 5-minute intro, so I feel his interest and support of us all!"
Tina Collins
"J.B. was pleasant and welcoming. He increased my inspiration and took the time to answer all of our questions. I understand why the company has been so successful."
Shannon Qureshi
"It speaks volumes that the owner of the Company takes time out of his busy schedule to meet new agents, give us advise, and allow us to ask questions. It was a great start to the training and to JBGoodwin REALTORS."
Jacy Rabold
""Real", extremely personable, inspirational and motivating.  So nice of J.B. to take time to introduce himself and be interested in each of us."
Mendi Becker
"I appreciate J.B. for welcoming us new agents as JBG Partners!  I like the "simple" practical advice like minding pleases and thank yous, listening with your eyes and to "Help People".  Very EXCITED to be here under great knowledgable leadership and family-like camaraderie."
Monica Nash
"Great history, motivational and down to earth."
Brandon Jennings
"J.B. was very inspirational and a top notch public speaker."
Joshua James
"Really appreciated J.B.'s honesty and history of the company.  Great advice and very motivating."
Alicia Smith
"Great information from J.B.  Seems like the real deal, approachable and smart.  Glad to be part of the team!"
Katie Harrington
"Great hearing background information.  Love this company so much I had to come back.  Was an Office Manager, now a Realtor!"
Marcie Lowery, agent
"Very inspirational!  I love that J.B. gets on a personal level with new agents, making you feel welcome and a part of the company.  It's great that the owner of a company gets to know his agents and you are not just a number, but a part of the JBGoodwin family!"
Shanelle Antonowicz
"We first met JB when we put our first home up for sale. We knew he was going to be a big success some day. He listed our second home for sale. We knew it was going to be a rough go, but JB was positive throughout. After a very tense and iffy closing, JB told me I was the most difficult person he had ever met. I'd like to think I played a part in his phenomenal success. He was a very nice young man with enormous people skills. We have followed his career with interest over the past 43 years. Nice guys don't always finish last. Congratulations, JB!!!"
Michael Kelly
"I really enjoyed meeting J.B. and hearing his down-to-earth advice about how to be successful."
Kevin Madden
"Enjoyed the candid conversation. It's a one of a kind opportunity to meet the "name on the sign". It is also comforting knowing that you will be working with a leader who is genuinely concerned about your success."
Gina Nyland
"It is nice to be able to meet the owner of the company. Mr. Goodwin instills confidence in me that this is a company founded on good morals and beliefs."
Jud duPerier
"I was so impressed that you came and spoke with us in class. I am already so pleased to be a part of your company and it has only been a month!!! I look forward to the future!"
Renee Huggans
"J.B. Goodwin was fantastic. His presentation was warm and informative. I love his no nonsense approach to business. His philosphy comes across as well thought out – trial and error informed. I felt very optimistic after his introduction."
Brandi Weber
"It was great to meet with J.B. himself. What a great source of motiviation to hear his story of success and get tips from The Top."
Monte Gawthorp
"It is a real benefit and statement having the owner of the company teaching at training."
Chuck Jenner
"Very informative. Answered all questions. Made learning enjoyable! Confirmed I made the right decision to join the company."
Karen McGrath
"J.B. is very friendly and open.  I'm glad he made himself available to us for future reference.  He has a lot of wisdom to share."
Beth McAvoy
"It was very nice to see Mr. Goodwin take such an interest in getting to know each one of us personally."
Kacey Lione
"It was very nice to have J.B. spend time with us and get to know us. Very informal and open conversations. He got us to find common interests among each other."
Laurie Bachorek
"After hearing J.B. speak, now I understand why the company is so highly regarded in Austin."
John Ferguson
"Wish I could listen to him for days.  Wealth of knowledge."
Gary Wortham
"It was a privilege meeting J.B. Goodwin. He is truly a knowledgeable person – likeable and professional. Great way to kick off the training session!"
Shirley Urban
"Surprisingly enthusiastic and personable. He got the point of "work hard, make money" very well."
Stephen McMillen
"Mr. Goodwin set the tone of the training presentations with his professionalism, dedication and light hearted manner. His presence set the bar high for our performance. Thank you."
Terrie Thomas
"It is great to know and meet the founder of the company to learn the history and reasons why he started this company. I personally like to know who I'm working for and more about him."
Sarah Williams
"So great to meet and learn from the Founder/Leader of the company! It reaffirmed the reasons I chose to join the JBGoodwin Team!"
Laurie Kriegel
"It was nice to hear directly from J.B. the company philosophies and approaches to the real estate industry. His positive attitude is inspiring"."
Alyson McGee
"I loved meeting Mr. Goodwin! Just knowing that he too stand behind good morals and runs the business this way, makes me feel excited to be joining his team "family"."
Maria Barriga
"So great to meet and learn from the Founder/Leader of the company! It reaffirmed the reasons I chose to join the JBGoodwin Team!"
Laurie Kriegel
"It is a pleasure to be welcomed, it is especially nice to be welcomed by the Big Chief When you're joining a new tribe. Great talk!"
Joel Alexander
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