Julia Hefner


Julia Hefner

What inspired me to become a realtor had key elements when I started this journey and my best example of inspiration was a buyers agent who played a significant demonstration of a professionalism her attitude and how she carried herself spoke volumes on what I wanted to be.  I have always enjoyed being a creative individual, and when I realized that there was a profession that I can actually be a part of a bigger picture, it was clear that real estate was my goal. 

While running a business with my spouse, being an entrepreneur excited me even more to inspire my own niche.  We ran a business for ten years and as we looked at the possibility to help families feel secure while servicing their locksmithing needs, I began to envision a bigger picture.  Becoming a realtor was an obvious choice, and helping others with their home needs was birthed. 

My passion is to get to know families and be a part of the home buying process and developing relationships along the way, resonates with my personality.  My passion is to bring positivity and excitement to the process of buying a home, it is not just looking at homes, it is creating the home where families can grow together.  When it comes to selling a home, it is a personal process and my passion is to make the transition as memorable and stress-free as possible.

 My motivation for being in this profession, besides the passion and inspiration as a former Military wife I realized that families such as myself in the past made me aware of the importance of home ownership and stability of home ownership with the personal touch and building trust with every individual.

In Conclusion, I am excited and ready to provide every creative touch that represents my brokerage and providing a professional atmosphere.   

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