Ben Salazar


Ben Salazar

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Ben Salazar and I am incredibly pleased to be of assistance to you in your next endeavor whether buying a home, leasing, selling, or whatever property needs you may have in an incredibly changing and challenging real estate market. JBGoodwin REALTORS is a well-established and reputable realty company with over 40 years of extraordinary experience and we as sales agents are highly trained to help you through any situation that may arise during every step of the process and beyond 

I am a retired US Army Sr. Non-Commissioned Officer that served my country proudly for over 20 years both stateside and abroad, with several overseas tours and deployments. I’ve always had a passion to help others and I find it extremely rewarding to be involved in assisting and mentoring others. Being there for someone when you are needed most is an invaluable trait for me and I strongly feel that I have that. This is something that I learned from my military experiences and training while being charged with the responsibility of others. Honestly just to know that you had something to do with the outcome of something great in someone's life makes my heart feel good and that is my one goal in life, to help and do good for others. 

Due to an unfortunate battle with diabetes, my love for serving my country came to an abrupt and unfortunate end. Sadly, I found myself having to look for a new career path and like most in my position, I looked for something in my field of expertise. As good luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to land a job that could use my proven skills. My passion for helping others and being involved has always been there. Not wanting to give up working, I became hungry with a passion to do something else, something more exciting with helping others, and something that would get me more active in the community. I kept thinking back to when we bought our first home in Killeen while serving, and all the good things that arose from that experience. I must admit, both real estate agents that aided us in the purchase and in the sale of that home were with us every step of the way and because of them, the experiences were extremely rewarding. We could not have asked for better agents to do either and trust me, the need for a good real estate agent was very necessary.

Of course, coupled with the home we now live in gave me the inspiration to pursue a lifelong dream of mine which has been in real estate. Something about touring homes and dreaming of things you want to see and live through has always been fun for me. Upon getting licensed, I did my research as to whom I’d want to partner up with and JBGoodwin REALTORS had the best to offer me. I couldn’t refuse to be part of their award-winning team and reputation and I look forward to every day to see what new adventures lay ahead of me. 

Just like my other career paths, I am here to help and to serve you whole-heartedly. I will be honored to be your agent through this next endeavor and I look forward to hearing from you. I am both fluent in English and in Spanish. Se habla Espanol. 

Ben Salazar, REALTOR®
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