Judy Alloway

Vice President of Relocation

Judy Alloway

When I was growing up, one of my favorite games to play was called "What Shall I Be?" The Exciting Game of Career Girls. There were only 6 choices, which made perfect sense at the time (circa 60's). I could either be a ballerina, model, teacher, nurse, actress or my favorite, an airline hostess, depending upon what skills I acquired during the game. Who knew that one day I would grow up to be a Corporate Relocation Director for the largest independent real estate company in Austin Texas? I'm guessing that "Relocation Director" is still not one of the choices when asking a youngster - "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

My role at JBGoodwin REALTORS® is a unique one in that I work for a real estate company but I am not a licensed agent. I spend my time working on behalf of my agents to market JBGoodwin REALTORS® and the Relocation Department's services to local companies and organizations moving employees into and out of the Austin area. I consider myself blessed that I have been employed at JBGoodwin REALTORS® for over 30 years.

Due to my expertise and knowledge, I have earned the Certified Relocation Professional designation (CRP) which is awarded based on longevity in the industry as well as relocation industry knowledge. I am also an active member in the national organizations of the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) and the Relocation Directors Council (RDC) and serve on the board of a regional relocation association - the Texas Relocation Network.

On top of that, I belong to the Society of Human Resource Management Association (SHRM) and the local affiliate, the Austin Human Resource Management Association (AHRMA). At the beginning of 2008, I was asked by our real estate referral network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, to serve on the Relocation Advisory Council which includes Relocation Directors from all over the United States.

The strong reputation of JBGoodwin REALTORS® along with my relocation background and expertise has made it easy to approach corporations interested in relocating their employees into or out of the Austin area. So over the years, we have been able to develop long term relationships with local employers which allow our agents the opportunity to assist their employees with buying or selling their homes.

One of my favorite things about this job is meeting people from all over the United States and the world and helping them learn to call Austin and San Antonio areas "home!"

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