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keep austin weird

Austin, Texas lives up to many of the iconic slogans that people have given it. We're known to some as "Bat City" and to others, "the place young people go to retire." But no phrase captures our city’s character quite like the 18-year-old slogan, "Keep Austin Weird."

Today this phrase lives on our mugs, t-shirts, and street art. But it is more than just an enjoyable statement of pride about our city’s uniqueness. Keep Austin Weird has been the rallying cry of not just one, but several important social movements in Austin’s recent history.

The phrase lives on through the ethos of peculiarity that attracts artists, creatives, innovators, and misfits from across the globe to call Austin their home.

Here’s how the famous Austin slogan got its

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top 5 waterfront patios in san antonio

The Riverwalk is one of San Antonio’s most popular tourist attractions. In fact, it is among those few local attractions that even first-time visitors know about long before they ever pay that first visit.

Dare we say, its tourist popularity even rivals that of the Alamo.

What many people don’t realize when visiting the Riverwalk, however, is that it is comprised of 15 miles of walkways! Far from the select few blocks most people know about, you have a wide array of choice cantinas, bars, and restaurants where you can grab a drink.

Whether you want to experience the popular tourist stops, or the hidden gems away from the most bustling districts, we’ve provided several popular waterfront patio eating options for you to consider as you explore

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4th of july fireworks in austin, tx

July is here again. The cold water at Barton Springs is drawing its typical summer crowd, kids are finding creative ways to enjoy their break from school, and many Texans are starting to text their friends or search online to learn where the best places to watch some spectacular Independence Day fireworks are in 2018.

If you’ve never been in Austin during the 4th, you’re in for a lot of fun. There are several incredible firework shows that take place across the city, and many cozy places to watch them from.

Austin is one of the most popular cities in Texas for our 4th of July light shows. Sponsors and producers go big, and crowds come out every year to see the lights and participate in the festivities.

Here are a few of the best places in

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Austin MLS statistics, june 2018

The results are here! Join us as we take a close look at the May 2018 real estate statistics for the city of Austin.

After a slower beginning to the year, the median cost of sold homes has surpassed 2017, with $302,300 compared to $293,200. Inventory continues to hold steady at a low 2.7 months of available inventory.

At 5 months into the year, the trend of continued rising median home prices is sure to continue.

Other highlights:

  • Total units sold is up 6% from 2017
  • 6% more units were sold up to May this year, compared to the same time period in 2017
  • Inventory level is down 4,400 compared to 8 years ago

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What will change about buying and selling homes within the next year, two years, or five?

Predicting the future of any industry isn’t easy. Fortunately, real estate generally offers more accessible and reliable data than other industries to use when making forecasts. That means making reasonable predictions about the not-so-distant future isn’t a complete shot in the dark.

Consider the Austin, Texas market as an example. We know that the U.S. government tracks population growth through periodic censuses. This decade to decade population data shows that Austin’s population usually grows by more than 20% every decade, with the single exception being the 1920s (16.8% growth). Someone could use such data to reasonably predict that this trend will

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austin house for rent

Supply continues to remain level as demand is up 4% so far in 2018, compared to a 10% increase by this time last year. Rental prices have remained more or less level through 2017 and into 2018.

The average price per square foot of a rental in Austin are $1.33 for apartments/townhomes and $1.15 for single-family homes.

Specific stats to look out for:

  • Home leases are up 6%
  • Property leases are up 1%
  • Single-family home leases are down 6%

Total leases are up across the board: apartments, condos and single-family homes at an average of 4%.

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San Antonio was named the 3rd best place to retire in 2018 by U.S. News. Since Sarasota, FL and Lancaster, PA took first and second place (in that order), that means San Antonio is the #1 place to retire in Texas.

For generational Texans and newcomers alike, San Antonio offers the conveniences of living in a major city, without many of the big-city headaches. It’s a beautiful location for settling down, with reasonable housing prices that are appreciating.

Beyond our great restaurants, golf courses, and local attractions, it’s San Antonio’s neighborhoods that make it a great place to retire. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retirement surrounded by Texas golf courses in the Hill Country or an in-the-action retirement surrounded by stores,

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austin real estate mls stats, april 2018

Have no fear, the April 2018 real estate statistics for Austin are here!

The total units sold as well as the median price of homes in Austin are both up, with 7% and 2% increases respectively. These are impressive numbers despite a drop in inventory of 2.8%.

In fact inventory levels are down 4,600 units compared to eight years ago.

Important market notes:

  • Overall demand is up 7%
  • More than 10,000 units have been sold this year to date
  • Inventory remains low, at only 2.4 months

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Austin’s popularity seems to grow every day. Whether it’s our food, nature trails, career opportunities, or local music, Austin boasts a magnetism that’s impossible to deny.

In fact, U.S. News announced recently that Austin is the number 1 place to live in 2018!

Since over 62,000 new residents are expected to move to the city just in 2018, the rest of the country seems to agree with U.S. News’ conclusion.

As many might suspect, all our popularity puts Austin real estate in high--and growing--demand. Austin homes appreciated by 7.2% over the course of the last year.

If you’re in the market to invest in Austin real estate, here are some hot locations you might consider:

Central East Austin

Living in Central East Austin means calling

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austin real estate mls leasing statistics - may 2018

Supply remains level while demand continues to grow by 7.5% in 2018, with prices remaining level from 2017.

Total leases are up across most property types, with home leases up 10% compared to the first four months on 2017.

Here are a few of the key statistics to pay attention to:

  • Total leases are up 7.5%
  • Property leases are up 2%
  • Leases of single-family homes remained relatively level
  • The median price per square foot of both apartments & single-family homes remained more or less level

Steady growth is the name of the game in Austin's tight leasing market. Overall statistics remained consistently level across the board, with modest growth in several key areas.

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