employee engagementOne of the simplest facts that accounts for Austin's rapid growth over the last few years is that people want to be here. There are a lot of factors that can account for that... heck ask 10 different people on any Austin street and you'll get 10 different answers. Some people will talk live music, others will talk about the food or the weather or less tangible things like the culture or the atmosphere.

All of these are valid reasons to be drawn to a place like Austin. Just last week though, another reason to love our city was made public. For the third year in a row, Austin has ranked in the top 10 cities in the country for employee engagement.

Anyone who follows our blog knows that as an organization, we here at JB Goodwin value our employees and…

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Mobile-Friendly Austin: The New Real Estate Standard

The Predecessor to Mobile-Friendly Websites

It seems like just yesterday that the best thing a website could provide for its users was a “mobile version” of itself. This was pretty straightforward. You would open up a site on your smartphone and it would resemble a jumbled-up puzzle, or would show only a portion of the site’s content. You may have had to scroll left or right to see the rest of the content– or you may not have been able to see the rest at all. But not to worry - glide downward and many websites would have a line of small-print text reading “switch to mobile version”. Click on this text, and the site would shift to a simplified form of the full version, one that fit perfectly to your screen and was easy to navigate.

There was a…

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Selling a home can be an arduous task and while your real estate agent can do all the background work to market and sell your Austin home, we need a little help every now and then.  That’s where you, the homeowner (soon to be home seller), come in.  Want to know how you can help sell your house faster and for top dollar? Take a read through our top tips for selling your Austin home.

Exterior Touch-ups and Landscaping

You have to start somewhere and it might as well be with the first thing potential homebuyers see first – the front yard and entrance.  The first impressions are often the most important and if you fail to excite potential buyers from the beginning, the interior of your house is going to have to work a lot harder to motivate…

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