brand new home benefitsLast week, we shared 5 perks of buying a brand new home. But we only scraped the surface of reasons why people are choosing new houses over existing models. Without further ado, here are 5 more benefits of buying a brand new home!

5. Move-In Ready

Forget renovations or improvements—your new home is already in perfect condition! That means you're free to move in and enjoy it, without any muss, fuss or hassle.

4. Less Maintenance

Without any worn out systems, there is much less maintenance in a new home than in an existing one. You shouldn't have to worry about repairs to heating, plumbing, air or appliances for at least a few years. Even better, most roofs last at least 20 years. This means less hassle and a much smaller impact on your savings…

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Getting rid of household moldIt’s not a pleasant topic, but every home will experience mold at one point or another and if gone untreated, it could snowball into a much larger problem down the road. While a little bit of mold might be easier to ignore than to deal with, it can lead to health problems for you and your home. Here are a few quick tips and solutions for removing mold from common places that could save you time and money down the road. 

Where Does Mold Come From?

The short answer? It’s everywhere. There’s good mold and bad mold, but unless it's blue cheese, the type that occurs in your home isn’t good mold. It can appear as tiny black spots or grow into larger clusters. Mold will thrive in an environment with sufficient moisture and warm temperatures, which is why…

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new home benefits austinNew construction homes have quickly become a real estate favorite, and it's little wonder why so many Austinites are interested in the opportunity! Here are 5 awesome perks of buying a new home in Austin, TX.

5. The Latest Innovations

The best builders are constantly innovating. When you work with an expert builder on a brand new home, you reap decades of collective real estate knowledge. New houses boast the latest materials and construction styles, as well as technology. Think energy efficient heating systems, touch taps, home automation systems and hidden dishwashers. While features always vary, a new house is your best bet to be on the cutting edge of home innovation.

4. Manufacturer Warranties

With new fixtures and appliances come…

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As much as we hate to admit it, that long Texas summer will soon be coming to a close and it’s time to turn our attention and energy toward preparing for the colder weather to come. The remaining sunny days of summer are an ideal time to think about preparing your Austin home for colder temperatures, before said blustery weather arrives. We’ve put together a few quick and easy tips to help you save some money while keeping you and your family warm.

Insulation is Key

The idea is to keep the heat in your home in your home; you can do this by ensuring that your home is properly insulated. A few things to look for include ensuring weather stripping has been installed on all doorways and by making sure any cracked or damaged stripping has been replaced.…

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Last week, we wrote a blog post about the record-breaking home sales in July and the current state of the market. One of the biggest reasons why the industry is so hot right now is the lack of available stock, so this week we’re bringing you some of the exciting new downtown real estate opportunities to keep an eye out for in the near future. These new developments will not only reshape the downtown skyline, they’re also going to be some of the most sought after listings in the real estate market upon their completion.

1) The Independent

This ultra-modern development is slated to become the tallest tower west of the Mississippi River once completed, not to mention one of the most unique. With it will come 370 new residences in a variety of…

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