San Antonio has a lot going for it. Americans from across the country can recall iconic scenes from our city’s hero-filled history. Major corporations and tech companies move here for the city’s generous business incentives. And the family-centeredness of San Antonio rightly captures the attention of many people looking for a comfortable place to call their own.

At JB Goodwin, we give San Antonio a lot of praise because we genuinely believe it is an awesome place for anyone to call home. In fact, many of us do! So when we see others pointing out some of the features that make San Antonio so great, we like to share their findings with our cherished readers.

Recent data from Zillow found that families looking to buy their first home ought to conduct their…

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We weren’t too surprised to hear it, but the news still makes us proud. JBGoodwin REALTORS® was once again named one of Austin’s Best Places to Work in 2017 by Austin Business Journal!

When you gather a group of hardworking, optimistic people and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to give real help to families and businesses, a great work environment almost sounds like it’d come naturally.

While nature may have something to do with it, we also prioritize making our workplace one that is empowering, enjoyable, and fair for each employee. That’s because we believe that the most efficient and productive workplaces are those that make a big deal about treating people like… well… people!

What makes JB Goodwin such a great place to work?


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Strap on your helmets, everyone. Austin is a city made for cyclists.

You don't have to spend much time in Austin to notice the city’s vibrant bicycle culture. The bike-designated lanes and numerous riders paint a clear picture of our city’s love for two-wheeled transportation.

Cycling is how many enjoy exercise, exploration, and a more cost- and energy-efficient way to get around town. For many Austinites, their bike equips them for the errands of their day. It is their reliable, year-round vehicle for getting to work, school, and across town.

And then there are Austin’s mountain bikers: these enthusiasts love to explore the city’s winding streams and forest paths. They can meander peacefully through local Texas wildlife, even through some of their…

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The allure of living in Central Texas is reflected in decade-high new home construction rates. Recent real estate data shows that homes in the Greater Austin area are moving in a positive trend that could mean huge benefits for many families. Current and future homeowners have reason to look forward to these latest real estate climbs. Here are some simple details you should know:

Expect Lots Of New Homes:

Prepare to welcome a few new families to the neighborhood. Data by MetroStudy from 2016 and 2017 reveal that new residential housing in Central Texas has recently experienced some of the highest new construction rates of the past decade.

2016’s third quarter proved the highest new home construction rate in Austin since 2006. Similarly, 2017’s…

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We live in a time when self-driving cars, robots, and virtual reality are no longer just the topics of sci-fi movies. These futuristic innovations are now real products undergoing rapid cycles of improvement. With all that is being created through the modern tech revolution, it can be easy for San Antonio residents to overlook just how close they are to the real action. Many don’t realize that a digital boom is taking place right here in the "Alamo City."

New startups and established tech-giants of San Antonio are taking industry strides that reverberate across our state and country. Finding out the roles that San Antonio’ innovators play in the worldwide tech boom is easier than some might think. You just need to know where to look.

Here are some of…

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Lavendar Field at Orchard Ridge New Construction

So you're looking for a small community away from the throng of the big city! Somewhere safe to raise your family. Somewhere to relax and enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Even somewhere to grow a new business because you've got an entrepreneurial spirit. Why not take a look at the developing community of Orchard Ridge for new construction homes in Liberty Hill, TX? This may be the perfect place for you!

Liberty Hill's Newest Community

Just a fifty-minute drive northwest of the thriving city of Austin and just outside of Liberty Hill is the small, affordable community of Orchard Ridge. Nestled between the North and South forks of the San Gabriel River, this community boasts beautiful pasture land with cattle, rolling hills, hiking trails and…

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Leading business journals love to cover Austin because it’s a hotspot for technology and innovation. The industry boom has brought many businesses to the area and incentivized top tier employees to find jobs in Travis County and the surrounding areas.

Business growth in Austin has occurred for eight years and will continue in 2017, according to Austin Chamber. Data from the organization shows a 1.9% business growth rate for 2016, with education, health services, and financial services growing the fastest.

Businesses are propelled to the area by many of Austin’s advantages, including the following:

Tax-friendliness: Texas is a state with strong tax incentives. With no state income tax, businesses and employees can see more cash in their pockets at the…

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Here's a look at Austin's leasing and rental statistics as of May 1, 2017. Highlights include:

  • Homes were rented 5 days faster with JB Goodwin
  • Total number of properties leased increased by 48%
  • The median Austin rental price per month is $1,695 or $1.15 per square foot

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Housing inventory continues to fall nationwide, as we continue to see home availability dip for the eighth consecutive quarter. In fact, the end of the first quarter in 2017 recorded a low for home inventory in the United States. Trulia conducted an analysis of supply and affordability for the three housing segments – starter homes, trade-up homes, and premium homes – explaining the correlation between our declining inventory and home prices.

Three factors that go into the analysis include:

  1. The number and share of inventory that are starter, trade up, and premium homes
  2. The change in share and number of these homes
  3. The affordability of those homes for each type of buyer

A more in depth look at the Trulia’s home inventory analysis can…

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