We live in a time when self-driving cars, robots, and virtual reality are no longer just the topics of sci-fi movies. These futuristic innovations are now real products undergoing rapid cycles of improvement. With all that is being created through the modern tech revolution, it can be easy for San Antonio residents to overlook just how close they are to the real action. Many don’t realize that a digital boom is taking place right here in the "Alamo City."

New startups and established tech-giants of San Antonio are taking industry strides that reverberate across our state and country. Finding out the roles that San Antonio’ innovators play in the worldwide tech boom is easier than some might think. You just need to know where to look.

Here are some of the ways you can be more involved in the local tech community and how you can learn about the latest creations that are going on right here in San Antonio:

San Antonio Code Academies:

Tech is an expanding industry with many chances to get involved across the city. Even people with little to no experience working in tech have ample opportunity to learn some of the basics that go into creating apps and websites.

Code academies exist downtown and in other parts of San Antonio for beginners and experts alike to sharpen their skills and bond with fellow coders. Taking a few classes is an easy way to discover a new skill and connect with others who share your excitement for new technology.

Tech Jobs:

There’s no better way to know an industry than to join it. San Antonio will be seeing some new tech company jobs over the coming year, even for those who aren’t very tech-savvy. Employers like Freedom Security Alliance are moving the bulk of their operations to San Antonio over the coming year. They’ll be needing teams for sales and marketing, among other roles. Even if computer design, data analytics, and coding aren’t your expertise, there still might be room for your professional skills to help these companies accomplish their goals.

Of course, if you are proficient behind a computer screen there are plenty of employment opportunities for you as well.

Subscribe To Local Business And Tech Blogs:

One of the best way to follow the innovations that take place in San Antonio is to subscribe to the journals and blogs that directly follow local tech and startup activities. On this blog, we help businesses and residents stay in the loop by covering local innovations, events, and business trends.

Another good source to follow is San Antonio Tech District. They do a remarkable job at keeping tech-followers in the know regarding local digital events and businesses in the downtown area.

Learn About The Next Local Tech Event:

Subscribing to the right blogs can also be a good way to find out about the latest tech-related events that are going on around San Antonio. Bring your curiosity to one of these events so that you can strike up conversations with fellow San Antonio neighbors who share your interest for all things business, technology, and science fiction.

San Antonio is home to a pioneering technology scene that provides jobs, piques national interest, and puts our city on the worldwide digital map. If you run a growing tech company, consider browsing some of San Antonio’s commercial real estate to find the next office that best suits your team. Local JBGoodwin REALTOR® agents are here to help. Happy innovating!

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