Team at JB GoodwinOn October 20, the results of the San Antonio Express-News Top Workplaces Survey were released. The survey took into account the opinions of 53,151 employees spread across 1,138 local companies, and we're proud to say JB Goodwin REALTORS® was recognized as one of the finest. JB Goodwin REALTORS® was one of fifteen local companies to receive an award for their efforts. This particular award was given for "Direction," meaning the employees felt that their company was moving in the right direction.

JB Goodwin REALTORS® wasn't always the booming real estate company with one San Antonio offices and four Austin offices. Established in 1972, this company started small. Its founder had just graduated from the University of Texas with big dreams, and one of the…

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Austin seems to be in a constant state of construction. To drive through the city with an eye to the sky, is see dozens of cranes hanging their heavy metallic heads under the weight of their load. You may wonder, what are they building?

Everything. From apartment buildings to residential communities to trendy office spaces, the population of Austin is growing, and the Austin real estate market is literally rising and expanding to the challenge.

Moving to Austin

Any recent graduate of the University of Texas or the nearby Texas A & M University, will be able to tell you, Austin has what many other university towns lack: jobs. With numerous tech companies moving to a tax-free city and setting up shops that are continually expanding, there are job…

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austin investment propertiesThe Austin Business Journal recently published an article about the population of Austin that found numbers are projected to almost double in the next 25 years. However, these kinds of market and population predictions aren't definitive. Some very smart people have crunched their numbers and analyzed the trends, but there are a multitude of factors that can't be foreseen. Predicting population growth isn't an exact science, but it does give us an idea of where trends are heading. Even if the populous doesn't double, do expect to see growth of some kind.

What does this mean for Austin real estate prices though?

The Effect On The Housing Market

Intuitively, we might think an increasing population will lead real estate rates to rise. More people…

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Pumpkin patch in AustinDespite Austin's bustling city streets and urban landscape, it is surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland, many of which are home to quality produce farms. A day trip to a u-pick Texas farm can be a great weekend activity for Austinites with a passion for fresh, local, and organic produce. An additional perk of harvesting yourself is the fact that there's no shipping! U-pick fruits and veggies are allowed to ripen on the vine for a longer period of time, which often leads to more pronounced flavors. This makes them delicious snacks to munch raw or excellent as part of your favorite recipe.

The Austin area has a wealth of local farms to choose from, but here are a few interesting ones to start you off:

1. Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin patches are a…

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