Tech Industry in San Antonio, TX
Austin and San Antonio are only an hour apart from each other, but they seem worlds away.

Over the past several years, Austin has gained a reputation of being the new Silicon Valley for its thriving tech opportunities.

Tech workers have been flocking to the city from across the nation for its top-rated career industry.

And while Austin has taken the spotlight, San Antonio has been in the shadows.

But all of this has changed.

On January 9th, real estate website, Zillow, released an updated list of the top 10 up-and-coming tech markets in the country.

San Antonio ranked 6th, while the long reigning city of Austin ranked 8th.

For many, it comes as no surprise that San Antonio is near the top of the list!

Here’s what makes San Antonio one of the top up-and-coming tech cities:

Thriving Tech Industry

Over the past several years, San Antonio’s tech industry has skyrocketed.

Not only has the city welcomed major companies, such as Kintech Cloud, Juern Technology, and ASAP Computer Services, it’s also been a breeding ground for local startups.

Small companies and businesses, like Blue Duck Scooters, Wytec International, and Plus One Robotics, have been making their mark on the tech industry by breaking unmarked territory.

One of the reasons why so many tech workers choose San Antonio as their startup city is because it boasts more skilled workers for each tech job than in Austin. This gives growing companies in San Antonio an advantage to grow quickly and effectively.

Low Cost of Living

When deciding where to live, many Americans factor the cost of living into their decision. And this is why so many tech workers are choosing to live and work in San Antonio.

All things considered, San Anotonio has a low cost of living.

For real estate, the average home value is 60% lower than Austin’s at $185,000. This makes owning a home more than just a dream, but a reality for many.

Relatively speaking, your dollar can go a lot further in San Antonio then it can in Austin. Because of Austin’s booming economy, nearly everything, including real estate, has risen in price.

San Anotonio has yet to see price increases like Austin, making it a popular place for tech workers.

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Fantastic Real Estate Market

As mentioned above, the average home price in San Antonio is $185,000, which is quite reasonable for the everyday homebuyer. But price isn’t the only thing that makes San Antonio’s real estate market so fantastic.

Another reason is that there is a ton of variety.

You can find just about anything you can dream of in the San Antonio real estate market—from attractive single-family homes, to trendy townhomes, to luxury estates.

And the best part is that you have your pick out of all the amazing communities in and around the city.

Whether you want to live in a suburban town or directly in the city, you’ll be able to find an awesome home that’s right for you.

What attracts so many tech workers to the San Antonio real estate market is that it’s common for homebuyers to find places that are close to their work. This means that the average commute time is well below what you see in Austin.

Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

San Antonio has so much to offer in terms of arts and culture.

There are countless museums and galleries throughout the city, as well as event and music venues. No matter the time of year, there’s guaranteed to be something great happening in the arts scene.

And all of this is not to mention the city’s infamous Riverwalk where you can find top-rated restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

The Riverwalk alone attracts tons of visitors every single year.

When you visit San Antonio, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to live here. And the arts and culture scene is a major influence on that.

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