Browse Austin, TX Farms and Ranches For Sale

Austin Farms and Ranches for Sale

The heart of Austin may be a densely populated hub of activity, but the surrounding land is characterized by gently rolling hills, stands of deciduous trees, fields of wildflowers, and beautiful pasturelands. The quiet nights, bright stars, and peaceful atmosphere convinces many buyers each year that there is no place better to buy a farm or ranch than Austin.

Just beyond the city limits, there are dozens of properties that range in size from a humble ten acres to hundreds of acres. Whether you are looking for quiet plot of land where you can enjoy a private, rural lifestyle or you are searching for a section large enough for you to begin a commercial farming venture, there are plenty of Austin farms and ranches to fit every need.

About Austin Farms For Sale

Although the city of Austin is ever-expanding, agriculture still continues to be a major part of the economy. Each year, the agriculture business draws in more than $80 million. The mild weather throughout the year makes Austin the perfect choice for farmers and home gardeners. The growing season is exceptional, spanning much longer than many other places in the country. That is why you will find that the area is rife with hobby farms and big-scale productions. Farmers can choose to keep cattle or grow hay and mustard. Surround yourself with pecan trees, pumpkin patches, and bobbing heads of wheat. In Texas Hill Country, the choice is yours because the sky is the limit.

The houses that you will find when your browse Austin farms for sale will vary widely. Some of these homes will be incredible luxury manors situated on just a few acres. For these homes, rural living is about achieving the ultimate private lifestyle. Removed from the city, residents are free to stargaze through the evening and sip hot coffee in the morning while contemplating pastoral views.

Other houses are classic family homes or traditional farm houses. With several bedrooms, these houses tend to make a good place to raise families. Surrounded by large yards where children can play and dogs can run, these Austin ranches are a great place to grow up. Homes throughout the area can range widely in building style, date of construction, and level of luxury.

Considerations For Buying a Farm or Ranch in Austin

Every Travis County farm for sale is different, just like every homebuyer is unique. When it comes time to invest in a rural property, it is important to fully consider what you will be using the land for so that you can ensure that you are purchasing the property that is right for you.

If you are interested in starting a commercial farming venture, you will need to consider more than the size of the property you are buying. You also need to account for how much water is available. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service can be a helpful resource on this. You also need to be aware of what the property is zoned for. Not every piece of land can be used for farming. You will also need to consider the soil, if you plan on planting crops with certain sensitivities.

Some people choose to invest in an Austin ranch for sale because they keep horses. If this is the case, you may want to look at properties where horses have already been kept. There is a higher chance that these ranches will already have a horse barn, adequate fencing, and corrals in place. If you choose to buy a ranch that does not have these facilities in place already, it is important to adjust your budget so that you know how much it would cost to build them. Fencing several acres can quickly be expensive.

Explore Travis County Farms

Travis County is made up of several smaller communities. Although many ranches in Travis County are close enough to Austin to warrant making a trip into town often, when you live on a rural property you will likely opt to get many of your daily amenities in the small towns that are closer to you. If you have children, your kids will likely attend a nearby school over one in the heart of downtown.

Each of these small communities has something to offer residents. The charming city of Elgin has a number of schools for young children, a historic downtown, and a wide range of shops and services. The quiet rural community of Spicewood is the home of famed musician Willie Nelson. Farms near the town of Marble Falls will find themselves near the shores of Lake Lyndon B Johnson where they can boat, swim, or fish.

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