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Walnut Hills Real Estate, East Austin, TX

Walnut Hills showcases traditional Texan community values in a modern, eclectic setting. This welcoming community was born in the early '50s, when neighborhoods were the heart of a city. While it has grown up and developed over the years, the heart of the community remains strong.

About Walnut Hills Homes for Sale

Within the last decade, like much of East Austin real estate, the demand for Walnut Hills homes for sale is high and competitive. As an area that benefits from the famous East Austin stylistic integrity, homes in Walnut Hills suit those who live for their individuality.

Walnut Hills homes for sale are both competitively priced and a great value for these midsized gems. Larger lots and recessed front doors offer lots of privacy, in contrast to modern urban developments.

There is an increase in homeowners are taking Walnut Hills real estate on as renovation projects. With these homes in particular we are seeing beautifully renovated kitchens, spectacular bathrooms, and stunning open-concept living spaces being integrated.

As these properties are being snapped up, you will see this neighborhood celebrate even greater diversity with mixes of homes that favor modern architecture against the celebrated eclectic architectural elements of the past.

This friendly area is a great neighborhood for New Austinites to buy into. Homes in this area are a smart investments as property values increase with demand. Buyers have looked at Walnut Hills real estate as some of the best investment property available for their price points.

To discover more about this vibrant East Austin neighborhood, contact JB Goodwin today. We'll match you and your family with a home that perfectly suits your each and every need.

Living Life in Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills is one of the most warm and welcoming areas in East Austin. Many different lifestyles are embraced and celebrated, making it one of the trendiest and most sought after areas.

Walnut Hills and surrounding communities have made a good effort to keep their neighborhoods friendly and welcoming. While you will not find big box stores nearby, you will find weekend neighborhood BBQs, get-togethers, and even a cook-off or two.

With Walnut Hills' closeness to Manor Road, this also gives residents direct access to some of the coolest shops, bars, bakeries and restaurants. Check out this guide for a great overview!

Buying or renting Walnut Hills real estate means more than just getting a home - it means you are joining a community. A community that celebrates with you, either an over-the-fence talk, a hello on the street, or coffee on Sunday.

Accessing Walnut Hills Real Estate

Walnut Hills can be accessed by Manor Road or by Northeast Drive. This gives you a direct line into Central Austin via Ed Bluestein Boulevard, I-290, and I-35. Access to these roads means access to all of the wonderful amenities that downtown Austin has to offer.

East Austin real estate has long been praised for its serene location. Far enough away from the bustling and ongoings of the downtown core, but still close enough to access it when needed.

Public transportation is accessible to Walnut Hills, however infrequent. Most residents in this area and surrounding areas drive cars, cycle, or carpool.

Walnut Hills - What You Need to Know

  • Located in East Austin
  • Accessible via Manor Road and Northeast Drive
  • Vibrant and diverse celebration of culture
  • Friendly, community-focused neighborhood
  • Great area for first-time Austinites
  • Great area for professional couples
  • Great area for investment or income property
  • Good area for young families
  • Good area for empty-nesters
  • Moderate access to public transportation

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