JBGoodwin team crunching Austin real estate statistics

The JBGoodwin Team Does It Again...

JB Goodwin successfully gets homes leased faster than the MLS again for another month as demand remains level and the supply of properties in Austin gains nearly 500 more properties over 2017’s numbers.

Take a look at some of the key statistics below:

  • The total number of properties for lease is up a dramatic 20% over 2017.
  • The total number of leases closed however dropped three percent, which means that it could be more difficult for prospective landlords to lease their property out as quickly as the past.
  • There are 27% more single-family detached homes that are available for lease than there was in February 2017.
  • The price per square foot for apartments and other properties dropped 6 cents per…

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Today we're celebrating a new milestone at JB Goodwin: the launch of our new website!

Our priority is to help people. We do this by focusing on the buyers and sellers we work with, putting their needs first and foremost. This priority is no different when it comes to building new technology, and our clients were the inspiration that fueled this project.

We're proud of the new site and think you're going to love it as much as we do. It's bright and colorful, super easy to use, and will help you find the info you're looking for in just a couple clicks.

Let's talk about a few of our goals with this new design:

Save time with streamlined navigation and user experience

First and foremost, looking up real estate should be easy! We want you to be…

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Austin Leasing Statistics

November 2017

Despite demand more than doubling between 2016 and 2017, the base price for a lease in Austin has remained relatively flat, which is great for both renters and landlords. Since 2013 the rate of apartment occupancy has been on a steady decrease, which is a trend that continued in 2017. That being said, landlords can expect that listing their apartment for lease with JB Goodwin means that their property has the greatest opportunity to be occupied.

    • Demand has risen 8.5% in 2017
    • Price has remained steady for 2017
    • JB Goodwin listings have been on the market 5 days less than the MLS average
    • 3,000 fewer apartments between 2016 and 2017 (to date)

Are you a landlord looking to have your…

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Over the past few days, Hurricane Harvey has been wreaking havoc on communities in and around Houston. Whole communities are said to be underwater, lives have been lost and severely impacted, and tens of thousands of residents have been displaced. Texas has not seen a disaster like this since Hurricane Carla in 1961--which was a Category 5 hurricane and caused $300 million in damages—a record that Harvey, unfortunately, looks set to defeat. In times like these, it is critical that we all band together and do what we can to help those in need.

That’s why the JB Goodwin team is donating money to assist the Red Cross.

And you can too.

Besides the tremendous amounts of property damage, the hurricane will likely leave a large number of children…

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For about a year, a small mystery existed regarding the future of one of the most famous buildings in Austin. It began in 2015 when the Cox family purchased the Austin-American Statesman building, a property on Congress Ave, just south of Lady Bird Lake. Anyone who has been to the Congress Ave Bridge to view the bats coming out at dusk has seen the nondescript building just south of the knoll where many stand to view the iconic Austin bats.

The intriguing thing about this purchase, and perhaps why it drove so much curiosity, was the fact that the Cox family has owned the publication since 1976.

Speculations quickly began among local real estate companies in 2015 about whether this expensive property was soon to return to the market. Recently, some…

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We weren’t too surprised to hear it, but the news still makes us proud. JBGoodwin REALTORS® was once again named one of Austin’s Best Places to Work in 2017 by Austin Business Journal!

When you gather a group of hardworking, optimistic people and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to give real help to families and businesses, a great work environment almost sounds like it’d come naturally.

While nature may have something to do with it, we also prioritize making our workplace one that is empowering, enjoyable, and fair for each employee. That’s because we believe that the most efficient and productive workplaces are those that make a big deal about treating people like… well… people!

What makes JB Goodwin such a great place to work?


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JB Goodwin REALTORS® is honored to announce that we've been voted as the second-best employer in the Austin American-Statesman's Top Workplaces list for 2016.

The award was given for employee satisfaction and sense of purpose. This award comes after two similar distinctions granted by the San Antonio Express-News and the Austin Business Journal earlier this year. Personal collaboration with management, an encouraging culture, and the constant pursuit of excellence are just some of the things that our employees attribute to why they love to work at JB Goodwin.

While JB Goodwin is now one of the most reputable names in Austin real estate, like many large organizations, we too come from humble beginnings. Our first office opened in the early 1970s,…

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Team at JB GoodwinOn October 20, the results of the San Antonio Express-News Top Workplaces Survey were released. The survey took into account the opinions of 53,151 employees spread across 1,138 local companies, and we're proud to say JB Goodwin REALTORS® was recognized as one of the finest. JB Goodwin REALTORS® was one of fifteen local companies to receive an award for their efforts. This particular award was given for "Direction," meaning the employees felt that their company was moving in the right direction.

JB Goodwin REALTORS® wasn't always the booming real estate company with one San Antonio offices and four Austin offices. Established in 1972, this company started small. Its founder had just graduated from the University of Texas with big dreams, and one of the…

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We are pleased to announce that the Austin Business Journal has named JBGoodwin Realtors® as the number one place to work in Austin. The honor was announced at the Austin Business Journal's annual awards luncheon on June 24th, with JBGoodwin taking home the number one ranking for large companies with over 250 employees.

JBGoodwin REALTORS® was given the top ranking thanks to our commitment to ensuring that all of those who work for us are consistently rewarded and recognized for their outstanding efforts. Our goal is to make sure each and every one of our staff and clients are made to feel like family. We believe work should feel less like a job and more like home, and we're thrilled to be recognized with this tremendous accomplishment.

The Austin…

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A view of the real estate hotspot AustinFor those looking to buy or sell their home, the process can be overwhelming. From not knowing how to set a price, to not knowing whether or not they’re receiving a good deal on their home of choice, a large amount of stress is added to the entire process. Working with a JBGoodwin REALTOR is a surefire way to make the process of buying or selling your home in Austin easier and enhance the experience.

A Wealth of Resources

Throughout the Austin real estate area, JBGoodwin REALTORS® have access to assets otherwise unavailable to those who want to handle the process alone. One of the biggest advantages is allowing the REALTOR® to use their own resources for you. As an example, it is possible that information on new housing about to hit the market can…

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