moving-hacksLet's face it, moving ain't cheap. It can also be a stressful experience for many, especially if your moving with pets or a family. Cut down on anxiety and costs by using these helpful moving hacks. With a seamless move, you'll be settled into your new home in no time.

Pack important items in clear plastic totes

Pack items you use every day like utensils, chargers, cookware, towels into clear plastic totes. Putting them in clear totes also differentiates them from other cardboard boxes, and allows you to easily identify the items inside.

Pack an overnight bag with essential items

By moving day, it's smart to pack an a overnight bag filled with essential items like toiletries, a towel and a change of clothes. The likelihood of you unpacking your entire home upon arrival is slim to none, so having these items on hand will save you the headache of searching for them.

Save on bubble wrap by wrapping breakables in clothing

Save room and money by wrapping all of your fragile items in clothing instead of bubble wrap. This way, you are packing your kitchen and your closet at the same time. Genius!

Alternate breakable plates with styrofoam plates

Another great way to safely pack plates is to stack each breakable plate on top of an inexpensive disposable plate.

Save time with proper labeling

In addition to writing down the contents of each box, make a point to write down which room of the house the box is going to go. This will not only help out the movers, but also help you locate items quickly. Also label your boxes on the side, not on top, so you can read them even if they are stacked up.

Snap a picture of electronic inputs/outputs before you unplug

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to hook up electronics, especially if you have multiple devices (speakers, blue ray player, stereo etc.) connecting to a single unit like a Smart TV. The solution? Snap a picture of the wiring setup on your smartphone and use it as a quick reference.

If you're moving into a rental, snap a picture of the empty home prior to moving

Make sure that you get your damage deposit back by documenting what the move-in condition of the home was before you start bringing in your things. If there was any existing damage to the space, you won't be held liable for damages.

Posted by Mary Ann Castro on
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An overnight bag is a great idea. My first big move, I had finally called it quits for the day and then I realized that I had no food or water and toilet paper and nothing to change into that wasn't already packed. An overnight bag would have helped out a lot.

Posted by Drew on Friday, July 10th, 2015 at 1:45pm

It is a very good idea to make a copy of your documents. Just in case you lose them. Please, don`t put them next to the originals. Best regards!

Posted by Jacqueline Peterson on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 7:20am

Pack an overnight bag with essential items is VERY important. Thanks for the article!

Posted by Mick on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 at 6:54am

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