Why New Yorkers Are Moving to Texas

Posted by The JBGoodwin Team on Monday, October 7th, 2019 at 9:57am.

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!”

For many one-time New Yorkers, “anywhere” has become Texas. So what’s drawing them to the Lone Star State, aside from delicious barbeque?

Lower Cost of Living

New York City is consistently at or near the top of the most expensive cities in the country. While the bigger Texas cities aren’t necessarily cheap, your dollar goes a lot further here than New York

Housing costs in Austin, for example, are nearly half of what you would pay in NYC for a comparable property.

Employment Opportunities

If you’re looking to replace your New York income, Texas is at the top of the list for job growth. Industries like technology, healthcare, and oil & gas are growing rapidly!

Not sure which area of Austin or San Antonio you want to settle in? Read up on JB Goodwin's comprehensive community guides:

Austin  San Antonio

Warm, Sunny Climate

If you’re willing to deal with a little summer heat, warm sunny days are common in Texas and freezing temperatures are rare. San Antonio boasts 220 days per year of sunshine on average, with just 16 days of freezing temperatures and only dropping down to 20 °F for one day each year.

More Relaxed Lifestyle

The fast-moving, hustle-and-bustle of NYC culture can be tough on people. Likely due to the more relaxed nature of Texas cities, new residents report more openness from strangers and friendly interactions.

No State Income Tax

With new IRS regulations removing the state and local tax exemption from federal income taxes, Texas’ total absence of state income tax becomes all the more appealing. Add that to the lower cost of living and the financial savings really start to pile up!

So… ya’ll ready for some barbeque?!

To learn more about moving to Texas, check out our relocation guide or talk to one of our local agents today!

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Eddie Cantara wrote: I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and all of your research and findings. Posted on Sunday, November 17th, 2019 at 9:58am.

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