Let me clue you in on a little Texas real estate secret: the cities that make national headlines aren’t the only places in Texas experiencing economic and real estate booms! In fact, Central Texas is home to a new, quiet metropolis that is dodging exposure because of its proximity to some of our state’s biggest cities.

Austin and San Antonio receive a lot of national attention. Their economies, lively city-centers, and delicious cuisines are often the subject of major headlines and top national polls. But most don’t realize that these two cities, and the 70+ miles that connect them, have formed a booming metropolis that probably slipped right under your nose.

We call this stretch of land the Texas Hill Country. It weaves alongside the portion of Highway 35 between Austin and San Antonio. As a whole, the region does not receive as much publicity as the renowned major cities that cap it at top and bottom. But it is thriving, impressing, and alluring families from across the state to plant their roots in this newly flourishing plot of Texas.

Here’s what the numbers say

One major character in this proliferating metropolis is San Marcos. Located just a short distance outside of Austin, the economic numbers that have trickled in from this region of the Hill Country in recent years have in some ways proven more impressive than their adjacent celebrity neighbor. Forbes recently reported that some of San Marcos’ counties have experienced a 4% growth rate since 2010, which means that they exceeded the impressive 3% rate for which Austin has received much of its attraction.

Likewise, job growth in San Marcos has exponentially quickened in recent years. While Austin has impressed the nation with a 31% annual business growth rate, Hays county in San Marcos has unassumingly reeled in 37%.

Why families and businesses are flocking to this brand new metropolis

It doesn’t take much time on this side of Texas to realize why it has become such a corporate and residential magnet. The area is home to a wealth of incentives that people from across the state and nation find hard to turn down:

  • Year-round simple weather: The sun shines best in Central Texas. Snow and ice are rare, and the dreaded humidity of Houston doesn’t quite reach our doorsteps. Precipitation, thunderstorms, and tornadoes are likewise less common here than in many other parts of the state and country.
  • High-skilled employment: High-skilled workforce jobs are a good sign of future economic growth. The percentage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs across this new metropolis are on the quick rise, alluding expectations that the innovations that soon come out of Texas are sure to impress. 
  • Cuisine: BBQ, Tex-Mex, and local enthusiasm for small businesses and privately owned restaurants help to diversify and strengthen the quality of every dish served. If you want a meal that’s made with pride, the Hill Country is without a doubt the right place for you to dine.
  • Lower Cost of living: A 2015 study concluded that the Greater San Marcos region has the 3rd lowest cost of living in Texas. Even with a growing population and job market, the area remains a cost-effective place to live. Texas is also a state with no personal income tax, so more of the money you earn actually shows up in your pocket each paycheck.
  • Fun for the family: The Hill Country is home to the commodities looked for in any major city - coffee shops, churches, bars, libraries, historic attractions, parks, and much, much more. The breadth of events and enjoyable places to visit are too numerous to list in a single bullet point, but the JB Goodwin blog often announces the latest and greatest fun going on across this part of Texas. Keep an eye out for the latest posts so you don’t miss out! 

If you’re in search of a new home in Central Texas, consider moving to this great Texas’ secret. A JB Goodwin real estate agent will be happy to help you locate the house that’s best for your family, so reach out today.

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