This is our second trip to the East Coast during our Cost of Living blog series. In a previous post, we compared the cost of living in Austin to that of living in the Northeast United States. Today, we take on the southern half of the East Coast and look at three of the region's largest cities. 

We used Best Places to compare the cost of living in each of the cities. This website lets you compare city-to-city costs of living across the country, and factors in the cost of daily essentials such as housing, food, and utilities. If you don’t see the city you’re curious about in this post, you should wait for the fourth and final blog we have of this series, which will compare the cost of living in Austin to cities on the West Coast.

Sit back, relax, and learn about how Austin compares to living in the Southeast United States.

Cost of living in Jacksonville, Florida vs Austin, TX

Although, Jacksonville and Austin show a comparable cost of living almost across the board. However, there are some key exceptions. The cities start to deviate on affordability in key categories such as food, housing, and utility prices. There is one thing that the information fails to compare though—the job markets in each of these cities.

Austin’s job market - particularly within STEM-based (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields - is thriving. The only fair way to compare housing costs is with the consideration of your potential income.

Cost of living in Charlotte, NC vs Austin, TX

Austin is costlier than Charlotte in every category except food. The quality and quantity of Austin's cuisine makes it that much more economical and more enjoyable than sitting down to your average meal in Charlotte!

As was the case for Jacksonville and Austin, many of the numbers between Charlotte and Austin are very close. The only reason said that Austin is 21% more expensive than Charlotte, is that the cost of housing is that much more in Austin. The other numbers, as you can see in the chart, appear nearly identical. As with Jacksonville, you should consider your job prospects and the wages that you will earn in Austin, which will likely make up the difference between the two cities.  

With such a marginal difference, make sure that you research both cities thoroughly. Austin and Charlotte provide distinct living situations from one another. Find the city that reflects the goals of your family and career.

Cost of living in Memphis, TN vs Austin, TX

In just about every category, Memphis is not as costly as Austin to live in. From housing costs to transportation, Memphis manages to keep its prices down across the board. Their exception is the cost of food, for which Austin is less than one percentage point cheaper. 

Again, financial and occupational opportunities deserve to be considered before taking these dollar amounts point-blank. Smaller cities tend to offer less competitive pay than their larger counterparts, and the smaller job market provides fewer career options for those wanting to thrive in their field.

Cost of living in Atlanta, GA vs Austin, TX

If it were not for Austin’s housing cost, Atlanta and Austin would practically be equal regarding every aspect of their costs of living. Food—which is again cheaper in Austin—is the second-highest factor, but still only shows a difference of about 14%. Every other category on the chart, there are marginal differences between the two cities, totaling to less than 3 or 4 percentage points.

If you’re wrestling with the decision of which place to call home, research more extensively the area, lifestyles, and job opportunities. And always remember that a little research can go a long way.

Cost of living in Miami, FL vs Austin, TX

Austin is slightly cheaper than living in than Miami, Florida. It seems that Miami and Austin’s housing costs are the only two on our list that are comparable to each other. In fact, Austin is the more affordable place to call home.

In fact, in every category except for housing, Austin is the more economical city. The most pronounced difference on the chart was between Austin and Miami’s food costs—where Austin was about 15% cheaper than Miami.

Feel free to check out other cities through But remember, the best consultation for your move comes from a person who understands the local real estate market. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, Austin could be the right place for your family. Let a JB Goodwin real estate agent help you to find the home that fits the needs and budget of your family. We look forward to the opportunity of helping you!


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