bathroom-trends-2015Designers are moving away from cottage inspired bathrooms and are opting for a more contemporary look in 2015. Expect an increase in popularity in zen-like bathrooms, which offer a spa-like retreat for homeowners. Think clean lines and minimalist design. Not sure where to begin? We pick our favorite bathroom trends for 2015 guaranteed to up your home's appeal.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Contemporary basins are reigning supreme with high-end bathroom remodels. Enclosed bathtubs are declining in popularity and making way for freestanding bathtubs in 2015. They offer lots of visual appeal and help set the mood for a self-indulgent soak. The curved lines of freestanding bathtubs also help to soften the overall look of the room.

Gray Tones

Beige is out and gray is in! According to the experts, gray was the most popular bathroom shade in 2014, and 2015 will be no different. The key to avoiding a melancholy bathroom to break up the moody hue with pops of color. Also opt for earthier tones of gray, which add warmth to an otherwise flat color.

bronze-bathroom-fixturesModern Metallics

Metal hardware and fixtures have been around for centuries, but 2015 will favor interesting color palettes and textures. Brass, bronze and copper are making a comeback in a big way, especially with high-end bathrooms. The warm colors offer visual appeal, and add a luxurious touch to any bathroom.

Smart Bathrooms

Bathrooms in 2015 are also focusing on smart technology. From motion sensor faucets to intuitive lighting, bathrooms are using the latest technology to add comfort and convenience. Some designers are going the extra mile and introducing LED lighting into their bathrooms, which can change color to set a particular mood. Also expect an emergence of radiant heated floors in new bathrooms, especially in areas with colder climates.

reclaimed-wood-bathroomsEco-Friendly Design

Eco-friendly design and the use of sustainable building materials will continue to trend in 2015. From low-flush toilets to upcycling, designers are finding creative ways to minimize their environmental footprint. We're seeing a prevalence of recycled materials such as reclaimed wood, tile and antique furniture. The use of energy efficient lighting, windows and fixtures also saves you money in the long run.


The new bathroom design trends for 2016 incorporate many of 2015's unique stylistic details, but evolve into a more modern direction. So if you're looking to be up-to-date, you can follow these trends:

  • Cool & Calm Colors - The new colors for 2016 include hues of blue and emerald greens, giving your bathroom a fresh and bright look. A quick coat of paint will cover up last year's shades of gray.
  • Creative Tile Patterns - Opt for a less traditional tile placement but with clean, simple tiles. Consider a herringbone, basket weave or windmill design for a chic and dramatic look.
  • Duckboard Flooring - This year, you'll find many homeowners putting duckboard flooring into their showers to balance the hardness of tiles and marble. This look is extremely aesthetically appealing and plays into the eco-friendly design trend from 2015.
  • Industrial Chic - If you're really bold and into the industrial look, you'll love the concrete trend this year. This look will go beyond flooring and you can expect to see cement walls, as well. Be sure to use contrasting textures so your bathroom doesn't look too cold or harsh.
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