Staging Your Home For Sale

The New American Heritage Dictionary defines the word 'staging' as the act of "exhibiting, presenting, or performing on, as if on a stage." Think then about the staging of YOUR HOME for sale. What ways can we together work to best exhibit and present your home to the buyers who will come to view it. Let's remember that first impressions can be lasting impressions.

First Impressions

  1. Trim and edge your lawn.
  2. Add some flowers and bark chips along the front walkways.
  3. How does the paint and condition of the front door look?
  4. Clean driveway grease spots and check if the garage door needs paint.
  5. Take a look at your home from the road and then walk through the front door. Are there any other changes you can make to set the stage?


  1. LIGHT helps a home to look BIGGER and CHEERIER.
  2. Keep the shades open to let more light in.
  3. In dark hallways, entry ways and rooms, leave the LIGHTS ON, even in the daytime.
  4. Dark paneling, paint or wallpaper may need to be replaced on painted.
  5. Clean windows and especially clean sliding glass doors.


  1. SHOW OFF all the SPACE that your home has.
  2. It's time to pack up those closets and get ready to move. Let the buyers see how much closet space they will be buying.
  3. Now is the time to clean the garage. How about a garage sale? Too much furniture will make your rooms look small. Move some furniture to the garage if you have to.
  4. The KITCHEN is one of the most important rooms in the buyer's buying decision. Is it CLEAN? Can you pack some things away to better demonstrate the counter and cabinet space?