JBGoodwin Training Program: New Trainee Testimonials

Some companies pay their agents to say good things about them. We don’t have to. Ask our agents or anyone else in real estate about us. We are known nationally for our training programs and agent support services.

jbgoodwin-realtorsAt JBGoodwin REALTORS® we offer Career Development with:

  • Advanced Training
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Finance Trends
  • Technology
  • Market Conditions
  • Legal Updates
  • Marketing
  • Personal Assistants
  • Team Building
  • Personal Consulting

Each new associate training session is kicked off with a training time with JB Goodwin. JB shares his story, the company story and gets to know each new associate with the company. He then shares his timeless tips for getting started in real estate. You don’t want to miss JB’s secrets of success. Later towards the end of the initial training cycle JB comes in again for a free for all question and answer session. The following are some Trainee Comments on these sessions with J.B. Goodwin:

"J.B. was awesome! Talk about making learning fun! I know I made the right choice joining JBGoodwin." – Steve Fohl

"Shares wonderful stories and details that taught the class and made us feel at home. I love how personal he gets with everyone!" – Lindley Domingue

"I was very impressed and even more excited to have joined this team after hearing J.B. talk on our first day of training." – Kim Fry

"It was very nice to have the owner of the company come in and share his experience of growing in his career. J.B. is very inspiring and teaches simplicity...and just 'work'." – Davin Washington

"Very refreshing to see the 'big guy' actually take time of his (what must be) busy schedule to welcome us. Awesome!" – Carol Fahnestock

"It is very impressive to have the owner of the company start off our training session. To be in front of us and share his success says a lot about this company. Enjoyed meeting J.B." – Jan Kelly

"Very inspiring. Dispelled myths that you can't do it if too young, no experience or new to area." – Jami Dreher

"It was such an inspiration to have J.B. start the first class. What a lasting impression and motivation to hear from someone so seasoned, experienced and successful in the industry." – Holly Rivers

"Thank you for making all of us feel like we are part of a "family" company!" – Ashley Vavasour

"Good info. J.B. is an excellent speaker and very down to earth and friendly. I look forward to making my career here a success." – Alicia Chase

"I liked starting my training with meeting Mr. Goodwin himself to hear his personal experiences with this company. Great introduction." – Dana Wallace

"I really appreciate meeting "The Big Guy" right off the bat. It gets me excited about the opportunities available at JBGoodwin." – Laura Pickett

"I was not sure at first who our speaker was, then when he gave his name, J.B. Goodwin, I was surprised! Very down to earth and a real "go getter" and a REAL person. This reassures me that my choice in JBGoodwin Realtors was a good one and that I can make it BIG!" – Yvonne Goodwin

"Enjoyed the candid conversation. It's a one of a kind opportunity to meet the "name on the sign". It is also comforting knowing that you will be working with a leader who is genuinely concerned about your success." – Gina Nyland

"It is nice to be able to meet the owner of the company. Mr. Goodwin instills confidence in me that this is a company founded on good morals and beliefs." – Jud duPerier

"I was so impressed that you came and spoke with us in class. I am already so pleased to be a part of your company and it has only been a month!!! I look forward to the future!" – Renee Huggans

"J.B. Goodwin was fantastic. His presentation was warm and informative. I love his no nonsense approach to business. His philosophy comes across as well thought out – trial and error informed. I felt very optimistic after his introduction." – Brandi Weber

"It was great to meet with J.B. himself. What a great source of motivation to hear his story of success and get tips from The Top!! – Monte Gawthorp

"It is a real benefit and statement having the owner of the company teaching at training." – Chuck Jenner

"Very informative. Answered all questions. Made learning enjoyable! Confirmed I made the right decision to join the company." – Karen McGrath

"J.B. is very friendly and open.  I'm glad he made himself available to us for future reference.  He has a lot of wisdom to share." – Beth McAvoy

"It was very nice to see Mr. Goodwin take such an interest in getting to know each one of us personally." – Kacey Lione

"It was very nice to have J.B. spend time with us and get to know us. Very informal and open conversations. He got us to find common interests among each other." – Laurie Bachorek

"After hearing J.B. speak, now I understand why the company is so highly regarded in Austin." – John Ferguson

"Wish I could listen to him for days.  Wealth of knowledge." – Gary Wortham

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