Mortgage Loan Checklist

In order to expedite the mortgage loan process, please bring the following information to the loan application:

  1. The original, fully executed Earnest Money Contract. If the loan is conventional, a copy is acceptable.
  2. Past 24 months of residence with complete address including zip code. Name of landlord or mortgage company, complete addresses and account numbers. Copy of Settlement Statement on any previously owned homes.
  3. Creditors account numbers, mailing addresses, approximate balances and monthly payments. This includes credit cards.
  4. Past 2 years employment history. Include addresses and ZIP codes. Also, a copy of your most recent year-to-date paystub.
  5. W-2 forms for the past two years. For self-employed borrowers, make copies of your last two years in tax returns, with all schedules included, for personal and business. Sign and date copies with original signatures and the current date signed.
  6. Bank account mailing addresses, account numbers and approximate balances.
  7. Last two months bank statements reflecting an average balance sufficient to pay your total move-in cost.
  8. Copy of your current driver's license and Social Security card.
  9. If you are using child support, alimony, or seperate maintainance for qualifying purposes, you must provide a copy of your divorce decree.
  10. Be prepared to discuss the source of funds for closing. This includes down payment, closing costs and prepaids. You will also need to show sufficient liquid assets in reserves of two months PITI.
  11. Sources may include:
    1. Gift letter
    2. Secured funds
    3. Sale of an asset
  12. If a VA loan application, bring your Certificate of Eligibility and a copy of form DD214.
  13. Approximate fees required at time of loan application:
    1. Credit report -- $34
    2. & FHA appraisal -- $325
    3. or VA appraisal -- $325
    4. or Conventional appraisal -- $325

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