Robare Custom Homes

Robare Custom Homes has been servicing San Antonio since 1998, building high-end custom homes in urban and rural communities. For 12 years in a row, Robare Custom Homes have been voted as the best rural builder in San Antonio. They’ve also been the recipient of over 50 Summit Awards over the years for design and development. When you buy a Robare Custom Home, you’re guaranteed the best of the best.

Robare Custom Homes for Sale

You can find Robare Custom homes for sale in communities across San Antonio. Not only do they service the urban center, but rural, suburban neighborhoods in the outskirts of San Antonio as well. They have been voted one of the best homebuilders in the area for their outstanding homes that set the standard for elegance and sophistication.

Many Robare Custom homes are built with Tuscan architectural designs, so expect them to have stone exteriors and lush landscaping. Depending on the size and amenities, some of the homes sell for as much as $1 million, but there are plenty of Robare Custom homes that sell for around $500,000.

The most extravagant homes on the market have impressive features, like wine rooms, gyms, and home offices. Other places boast outdoor entertainment facilities and private swimming pools. They are the perfect homes for entertaining.

Working with Robare Custom Homes

Whether you’re wanting to build a million dollar mansion or modest single-family home, Robare Custom Homes treats all projects with the utmost priority. They value good working relationships, so no matter how big or small the project, you can expect excellence.

Robare Custom Homes knows that building a new house can be stressful. Most of this stress, though, comes from surprises. They eliminate the feeling of stress altogether by skipping any surprise elements. One of their policies is to always keep the homebuyer informed throughout the entire building process. From start to finish, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your home build.

One of the best parts about working with Robare Custom Homes is that you have full control over the features and designs of your home. Your personal designers and developers will guide you through the process of choosing flooring, lighting, and appliances, so you can have a home that’s custom to your needs.