LGI Homes

LGI Homes: Developments in Austin

LGI Homes are among the top home builders in the Greater Austin area. They provide high quality homes at affordable prices for anyone wanting the best of the best. LGI builders create developments with more than just homes, they build communities. LGI Homes build properties that are designed with community playgrounds, recreation amenities and neighborhood watches. LGI believes that it's community that makes a house a home. This is what has helped set LGI Homes apart from their competitors and led them to become one of the top builders in the nation.

LGI Homes: An Established Austin-Area Builder

All LGI Homes are luxury homes built in luxury communities. LGI Homes are builders that have the experience and materials you need to make sure your customized Austin home is fantastic. You will get final say in all the details, from appliances, fixtures, wall paper, and more. LGI Homes was founded in 2002 and focuses on suburban entry-level homes in major metropolitan areas.

Affordable Housing & LGI Homes

If you ever thought buying a  new home would require a huge down payment, think again! LGI Homes' No Money Down program offers home buyers the option to rent to own. Once you qualify for the program, you can rest assured that home ownership won't cost you your entire life's savings. With affordable payments plans in place, some residents end up paying less through this program than they would if they were renting. Don't wait on owning a home, work with LGI Homes today. To get a better understanding of the value and quality you'll find in these homes be sure to check out reviews and ratings.

For residents interested in buying a home in Sonterra and Presidential Glen, an LGI representative will work with you directly to talk to you more about the community they're building. Choose the home builder that will fit your lifestyle and create a warm community for you and your family.

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