Austin regularly competes for the top spot in national polls. It has become one of the most talked-about cities in the country, and for good reason!

Between its local support for entrepreneurs, employment and educational opportunities, world-class cuisine, and overall day to day fun, there are few cities that compare to the quality of life in Austin.

With so much to talk about, it’s no surprise that the city is also a notable place for adding some character to your Instagram feed.

There are some cities where looking like a tourist just comes second-nature. With so many great spots to snap an artistic photo, Austin is one of those places. #NoFilter

If you’re new to the area, or just looking for some awesome places for your Insta-feed, here are a few locations that are sure to become your next popular Instagram post:

The Capitol Grounds and Building


Austin’s Capitol Building is full of history and awe-striking architecture.

If you think the outside makes for a great shot, don’t forget to also peak inside. Some of the coolest Austin architecture is just beyond its large doors.

Austin Towers

Look carefully at any top corner of the Frost Building in downtown Austin. Have you ever noticed the owl face? See for yourself!

Austin is home to towers with memorable architecture that distinguish our skyline from that of any other city in the world.



Downtown Skyline

Don’t miss the forest for the trees. While Austin’s individual towers make beautiful additions to any Instagram feed, the city as a whole is its own masterpiece. Venture to the southside of Lady Bird Lake for a beautiful picture of Austin’s towers and skyline.


World-Renowned Events

People travel from across the world to attend Austin events. We are famous for Austin City Limits, SXSW, and Austin Film Festival, just to name a few. These pics are sure to stir some envy from your non-Austin friends, so click and post with caution. #NoRegrets


Local Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops

As mentioned before, Austin’s cuisine is second to none. But the food isn’t the only thing to write home about. Our restaurants, bars, and coffee shops contribute eclectic--and often quirky--personality to the city. Document the personality next time you go out to eat:



Austin Outdoors: Parks, Trails, and Swimming Locales

Ever taken a dip at Barton Springs Pool or endured a trail run through the Green Belt? Between the sun and fun, take a pic just to brag to your friends. Maybe they’ll tag along with you next time.




Austin Murals and Outdoor Art

Austin is an artistic city. Venture to just about any part of town and you’re bound to stumble upon the creative work of one of our many local artists.



That’s just the beginning. Austin is also home to incredible museums, eclectic stores, and other places that are perfect for Instagram. Special thanks to @espencerdavis, @sarabeth.lewis, @tgustudios, @alexlewis712, and @melizzamartinez for letting JB Goodwin feature some of your Instagram posts.

If Austin sounds too good to be true, why not pay a visit for yourself? If it wins you over, contact a JB Goodwin agent for help finding a home to buy  or rent. As one of the most mature Central Texas real estate firms, we would love to put our knowledge and love for the area to use by finding you a perfect Austin home. Contact our office today!

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