Why Move to Texas?

Texas has become one of the most popular places for relocation in the United States, according to The Fiscal Times. Our state is home to sprawling cities, temperate weather, and an ethos that is still punctuated by the independence and adventure of Louis L’Amour novels and John Wayne films.

On their way to their new Texas homes, families drive through the dips and winds of the Texas Hill Country, passing horses and farms, city lights and towers. Texas is still a place where independence and new beginnings draw families from across the country to experience fresh starts that are filled with adventure.

No matter the city you choose, finding a new home in Texas is thrilling. It also comes with a handful of challenges.

We created a supportive checklist to help your family relocate to Texas with the greatest possible ease and pleasure. We figure that the more speed bumps we can help you avoid, the simpler your relocation to Texas will be.

Get comfortable, here’s how to prepare for your move to Texas:

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1. Get to know Texas

I do not mean picking up Louis L’Amour novels, though that might be a fun place to start.

Since you have already settled on Texas as your new home, you should investigate the character of each city to know which is best for you.

Relocating to Austin, for example, is to move into a quirky city where art and innovation reign. It is the "Live Music Capital of the World", as well as the home to several Fortune 500 headquarters, including Dell Technologies and Whole Foods Market.

If you choose to relocate to San Antonio, learn about the breadth of the city. Beyond its famous history—Alamo, David Crockett, etc.—San Antonio is also an exciting place to raise a family. Home to theme parks, museums, and great schools, you’ll discover no shortage of education, entertainment, and family fun.

Begin your investigation online. There are ample blogs and news articles that will introduce you to the spirit of most Texas cities. Wikipedia is also a great resource.

Once you decide on a city…

2. Research your new neighborhood

(Of course, if you haven’t found your neighborhood yet, contact a JB Goodwin agent. We would love to make your search simpler.)

Once you have honed in on your new neighborhood, it’s time to become familiar with that area. Schools, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants—the discoveries are worth your investigation.

Set yourself up for move-in success. Explore the area online or during a visit. Getting to know your neighborhood before the move can make acclamation a lot easier after you’ve moved all the boxes.

Not sure which area of Austin or San Antonio you want to settle in? Read up on JB Goodwin's comprehensive community guides:

Austin  San Antonio

3. Create a worst-case-scenario moving budget

When it comes to packing your life into a moving truck and bringing your family across the country to begin a new life, there are many expenses that can show up along the way. So, it is best to prepare for the worst.

Budget for potential breakdowns, emergencies, and for things not necessarily going as planned. Financial readiness is a helpful strategy to moving, because you never know the snags that may arise along the way.

4. Cancel, delete, and change

You are moving to a new state, which means many old ties need to be cut. It’s time to cancel local services, especially the ones you are paying for. This includes, of course, your utilities and internet or TV subscriptions.

If you are subscribed to national magazines, update your mailing address before the Postal Service stops rerouting mail from the previous address.

Also, change your address on the driver’s license, and then for your banks, insurance, etc. You are a Texan now— don’t procrastinate when it comes to telling those who need to know.

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5. Be strategic about new purchases

When you change your home’s address, the postal service routinely sends an assortment of generous coupons to your home that can be redeemed at stores and restaurants near your new house. Before you take care of purchasing some of your new-home accessories, wait until that letter has arrived!

Also, many people have garage sales after or before a move to get rid of excess furniture and items. To alleviate the number of double-purchases, make sure everything is in your new house before you start buying new things. That way you know you aren’t repurchasing things that just haven’t been unboxed yet.

6. Prepare to build a new community

Moving to a new state takes most of us deeply out of our comfort zones. We must take initiative to find and grow new friendships.

A good way to prepare for this is to give yourself and your family clear goals for making new friendships. Begin by considering the social environments you will soon be immersed within: new workplace, college, neighborhood, church.

Many people are happy to meet those new to their community, but won’t necessarily make the first move. If no one approaches you, muster some social courage and be the conversation starter! Every friendship starts with a simple hello.

7. Enjoy being a Texan

Texas is your home. Now is your time to meet neighbors, experience BBQ like never before, and find your place and community in this new state.

Sometimes the first few months living in a new place are the most challenging, so don’t get disheartened as you take chances, experience your new workplace, and make those first friendships.

Welcome to Texas, neighbor!

Still in the process of relocating to Texas? JB Goodwin is here to help. With offices in Austin and San Antonio, one of our agents will help you find a beautiful home here in Texas.
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