Interest Rates, am I right?

It's always a changing market and currently the interest rates are on the rise. This is mainly in response to the inflation happening. My first house was an 80/20 at high sixes/mid eights. The first house I lived in had an interest rates of double those amounts. The uncertainty of the housing market is a given. You never know what you need to look out for in a transaction you approach every five or six years. If you're looking at dipping your toe into home ownership, it can feel to uncomfortable to undertake.

Fear not!

San Antonio Real Estate is still growing. That means prices will probably continue to rise. They have to! We're number somewhere between number one and number four on every list for fastest growing areas of the USA! We have the best people, the best schools, the best food, and we're improving! The value of your home will rise and the reason you should marry the house and date the rate is because you can always refinance! Loan Officers will all but beat down your door when the numbers make sense.  Transitioning from renting and worried about interest rates? You're currently paying 100%! Your monthly rental payment and fees will trundle off over the horizon to pay someone else's mortgage. Why? Rent versus Own right now is sadly a very easy discussion. Rents are rising faster than interest rates. Why not recover your money with Equity Capture?

It is forecasted that the rates will be up another 75 basis points by the end of this July!

That means in six weeks, you will be remembering the rates of today and wondering why you didn't start the process. With regret.  Let's at least chat about your goals. We don't have to start. 

When I make a decision, I research first. Let me help you identify the decisions and timelines necessary to approach your goal.

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