How to Pronounce Texas CitiesOne of the first things travelers notice when they visit the Lone Star State is the distinctive Texas accent spoken by locals. While it resembles other mid-west accents, the Texas twang is quite unique. It's a Southern accent with a twist, that often leaves visitors tongue-tied.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the pronunciation of Texas cities. Newcomers frequently mis-pronounce local Texas towns, which can be embarrassing even to those with the thickest of skins. Stop sounding like a tourist, and brush up on the local lingo. With our handy pronunciation guide to help, we'll have you talkin' like a Texan in no time.

Boerne (BURN-nee)

The name of this small Texan city southwest of Austin is often butchered in its pronunciation. The name Boerne is rooted in German culture, as many of Texas' early settlers originated from Europe.

Bowie (BOO-ee)

Bowie was named after Jim Bowie, defender and hero of the Alamo. Pronounce it as you would say the word buoy. Not to be confused with the iconic 80s pop star David Bowie.

Buda (BYEW-dah)

Buda looks easy enough to say, but standard English pronunciation doesn't apply to this small suburban community just south of Austin, TX. Kind of rhymes with phew. Back in the day, the town used to be known as Du Pre, until the name was changed in 1887.

Govalle (Go Valley)

If you guessed that Govalle is of Spanish origin, you'd be wrong! Govalle is Swedish for "good grazing land," and was named by Texas' first Swedish settler.

Gruene (Green)

Another commuter town south of Austin, Gruene (pronounced green like the color) is well-known for its arts scene and antique stores. Once again, the name is of German origin. This is one name that a lot of visitors struggle with.

Guadalupe (Gua-duh-loo-pe)

Even Texans mis-pronounce the name of this state county, which is named for the famous river with the same name. They key here is to pronounce every vowel sound, and you'll nail the Spanish name.

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