We live in a time when self-driving cars, robots, and virtual reality are no longer just the topics of sci-fi movies. These futuristic innovations are now real products undergoing rapid cycles of improvement. With all that is being created through the modern tech revolution, it can be easy for San Antonio residents to overlook just how close they are to the real action. Many don’t realize that a digital boom is taking place right here in the "Alamo City."

New startups and established tech-giants of San Antonio are taking industry strides that reverberate across our state and country. Finding out the roles that San Antonio’ innovators play in the worldwide tech boom is easier than some might think. You just need to know where to look.

Here are some of…

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Leading business journals love to cover Austin because it’s a hotspot for technology and innovation. The industry boom has brought many businesses to the area and incentivized top tier employees to find jobs in Travis County and the surrounding areas.

Business growth in Austin has occurred for eight years and will continue in 2017, according to Austin Chamber. Data from the organization shows a 1.9% business growth rate for 2016, with education, health services, and financial services growing the fastest.

Businesses are propelled to the area by many of Austin’s advantages, including the following:

Tax-friendliness: Texas is a state with strong tax incentives. With no state income tax, businesses and employees can see more cash in their pockets at the…

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