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Austin's flourishing real estate market has done it again, and JB Goodwin REALTORS® have witnessed the breakthrough first-hand. After a record-breaking month of July, Austin has proven that its current status as one of the nation's most scorching markets is not going to change anytime soon. Though Austin's hot market has been a topic of discussion nation-wide for the past year or so, the city has long endured a marked imbalance as a result of its popularity as a real estate hub: trailing supply. While residential development in Austin has been high, it has been no match for the soaring levels of demand. However, Austin Board of REALTORS® president Barb Cooper has indicated that an increase in market equilibrium could be coming, stating that "home prices

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Austin CondosThe Texas Association of Realtors has just published their annual report on the Condominium sales statistics in the state of Texas, and the results are interesting for Austin. While other areas in the state experienced modest gains (3% gain in Dallas, 6% gain in San Antonio) or losses 1% loss in Houston) in terms of overall sales, Austin Condo Sales dropped by 12% when compared to the same time period last year.

In terms of the average value of condos sold in Austin, the average sale price and the price per square foot both increased by 9%. The average time spent on the market also dropped by 8% to an average of 43 days from listing to sale, all numbers that indicate that demand is still strong despite fewer sales.

The report states that condo sales are…
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Modern building conceptsAustin has always been a creative hub and in recent years it has also evolved into one of the country's biggest centers of business. The combination of these two complimentary elements has led to an abundance of proposed large-scale projects that fit in with Austin's growth as a global, cosmopolitan focal point. Many of these are residential or office buildings, meant to introduce cutting-edge new design trends to the Austin skyline; some focus more on drawing in tourist attention; others, on creating positive business environments. No matter the purpose, these projects are often highly ambitious concepts that push the boundaries of traditional design and, if implemented, would give Austin a boost as an architectural trendsetter. Here are 3 proposed

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JBGoodwin Best Place to WorkWe are pleased to share the news that JBGoodwin REALTORS® was ranked the #2 best large company to work for, in the Austin Business Journal's 2015 Best Places to Work in Central Texas!

JBGoodwin REALTORS® received the ranking because of our respectful and caring approach to doing business. We strive to treat our clients and agents like family members, ensuring every interaction is handled with care and respect.

In terms of agent support, we were noted for:

  • "Outstanding management support"
  • "Free marketing tools"
  • "An advanced website"
  • "Cloud-based application to help make their business mobile"
  • Monthly, quarterly & yearly recognition of success
  • Monthly celebratory function

JBGoodwin Best WorkplaceWe have our own team to thank for this honor, as the

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Mobile-Friendly Austin: The New Real Estate Standard

The Predecessor to Mobile-Friendly Websites

It seems like just yesterday that the best thing a website could provide for its users was a “mobile version” of itself. This was pretty straightforward. You would open up a site on your smartphone and it would resemble a jumbled-up puzzle, or would show only a portion of the site’s content. You may have had to scroll left or right to see the rest of the content– or you may not have been able to see the rest at all. But not to worry - glide downward and many websites would have a line of small-print text reading “switch to mobile version”. Click on this text, and the site would shift to a simplified form of the full version, one that fit perfectly to your screen and was easy to navigate.

There was a

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The Austin, Texas area has about 15,000 licensed real estate agents according to the Austin the Board of Realtors! That number can be daunting especially if you're in search for a professional real estate agent. There are many different realtors in the industry who offer a variety of different services. Some specialize in luxury homes only, some only practice commercial real estate, and some specialize in being a full service agent that is capable of providing you services to cater to all your real estate needs.

Austin Skyline

Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

In order to choose what type of real estate agent is best for you, it's good to start off by identifying your needs. If you're buying your needs will be slightly different than those of a seller. 

For Buyers:

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Want to tell the city of Austin how to spend your tax dollars? Now you can! Right now, until June 5, the city is collecting community feedback on how our tax dollars should be allocated.

The city's total budget is $3.5 Billion, and it gets spread out between:

  • Emergency Response
  • Parks and Libraries
  • Health & Housing
  • Planning and Economic Development
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Clean Community
  • Streets & Infrastructure

Austin is using Budget in a Box for the second year in a row, letting you have a say in how the city spends your tax dollars. The box includes instructions, a game board, an informative video, discussion materials, and other interactive resources, giving you everything you need to understand city budgeting and make

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Having a ball over the Austin 360 Bridge. Feel free to share. #austin #360bridge

Posted by Over Austin on Thursday, May 7, 2015

That's a good question. They certainly offer dynamic and technology-forward possibilities for marketing homes. And they will give potential buyers a lot more insight into a property, before they even step through the door. Of course, it's not just about providing stunning photos—though you have to admit, with the sweeping vistas you get in Texas Hill Country, Austin real estate can really take advantage drone photography. Drones will have the very practical application of letting agents and prospective buyers see things they might otherwise miss.

So, What's The Current Situation?


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