Freshening Your San Antonio Kitchen With ColorIf the kitchen in your San Antonio home is starting to look a bit tired, it may be time to give it a facelift. While a full-blown renovation can quickly become expensive, there are smaller cosmetic touches that can be implemented for a great deal less. This week, let's focus on what a little color can do.

Here are five fun ways to add some color to your San Antonio home's kitchen:

1. Appliances & Accessories

One of the most functional ways to incorporate a splash of color into your kitchen is to buy your every day tools in the wackiest shades you can find. Silicon cooking utensils come in the full spectrum of colors. Keeping these in a vase by the stovetop not only adds a nice touch of color, but is highly functional. Alternatively, if you're looking for a larger fixture, KitchenAid makes beautiful countertop appliances in a range of vibrant shades.

Linens also provide an affordable way to mix up the colors in your kitchen. Bright dish towels can be swapped in and out with ease. Table runners or table clothes are another easy way to include a playful print in your kitchen.

2. Sinks

If you've been reading up on home improvement trends, you'll have noticed that the colored sink is becoming more and more popular. Coming in any range of tints, from the brightest of royal blues to the warmest of cherry reds, these sinks throwback to the 1970s when it wasn't so uncommon to see a sea foam green or a pale pink sink.

3. Windows & Walls

One of the simplest ways to add some no-fuss color to your walls is with a paintbrush. Pick a bright coat of paint and give one wall the full treatment. One major perk of painting in the kitchen is that you can get away with something with really funky tone as there won't be a whole lot of it due to the space kitchen cupboards occupy.

You can also try experimenting with some lively curtains. Mix up different prints to get your own unique flair. The great thing about using curtains to provide a pop of color is you get to choose how much of the hue shows depending on whether the curtains are open or closed.

4. Living Color

Consider creating a living plant wall in your kitchen. They don't have to be the elaborate affairs you may have spotted in mall food courts or high-end restaurants. Some look like cleverly constructed shelves that seat lanes of plants, and can be placed anywhere. If you pack them with delicious herbs and spices, you'll have an indoor spice garden close at hand. Others take the shape of sheets of felt that hang on the wall and are fitted with rows of pockets ready for you to tuck seedlings inside. Florafelt makes a few different models you could check out. If you want to get crafty, some homeowners repurpose wood pallets or use threaded rods and custom wood pieces to create hanging shelves you can mount anywhere.

If you don't have a sunny kitchen, don't get discouraged. Lowlight plants such as ferns, African violets, and peace lilies can thrive in the dimmest of lights. Plus, you get the added benefit of plants purifying your air.

5. Centerpieces

We've all seen it in the home making magazines. The bulbous glass vase one-third full of lemons for optimal visual appeal, or perhaps the tall wide-mouthed container packed with bright green Granny Smith apples. These popular standbys can be an easy way to add a pop of color to your kitchen table, but don't limit yourself to bright fruits.

A mason jar filled with beach glass or brightly colored glass gems can add a playful pop of color, and if you're close to the beach, a new beachcombing hobby. Closer to Christmas, you can fill a large bowl with red, green, and silver baubles and place a few candles in the middle for a festive addition.

Little personal touches like these make a house a home, so whether you're looking to make your recently purchased San Antonio real estate homier, or if you're looking to sell, it might be a good time to freshen up the face of your kitchen so that it looks its very best.

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