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A new building pierces the iconic Austin skyline. The Independent is a luxury residential complex under development in Central Austin. The building’s condo units vary from 1- 4 bedrooms and the finished building will offer weight rooms, swimming pools, and highrise play areas, among other residential amenities.

The 58-story, jagged-style building is among Austin’s tallest towers and is by far the city’s largest residential building. In fact, The Independent is one of several new buildings filling the skyline in downtown Austin. As our city continues to expand and more families call Austin their home, those who’ve been here for some time have the unique pleasure of watching Austin evolve right before our eyes.

If you live here, there’s a slim chance you haven’t noticed The Independent, but here are several facts you may not know about the latest downtown Austin luxury condo development:

The Independent Has a Nickname

The Independent has a unique, boxy design that juts to one side or another every several floors, giving an off-center appearance. The architecture has sparked the nickname, Jenga Tower, after its playful resemblance to the block-removing and stacking game.

“Jenga Tower” has quickly caught the attention of Austinites and many local publications. It might be safe to say that more people know The Independent by its nickname than by its given name.

Space is Already Selling Out

The Independent offers a variety of condo sizes and offerings. Their prices range from mid-$400K to over $4 million.

While the tower is still under construction, contracts for condo units are already selling out. In fact, many of the lower-priced condos are already sold out. If owning a condo with a bird’s-eye view of downtown Austin and the river piques your interest, inquire sooner rather than later.

Jenga Tower Reaches New (Residential) Heights

Austinites are watching their city expand and evolve at an incredible rate. On average, 170 new people move to Austin every day.

It’s encouraging: families from across Texas and the United States are discovering and falling in love with our beautiful home at the heart of Texas.

We’ve already mentioned that The Independent will be one of the largest towers in Austin. But its achievements go to even greater heights: The Independent will be the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi.

There’s a Growing Market for Luxury Condos

The Independent is not the first luxury condominium complex to be constructed in Austin, and it won’t be the last. Demand for upmarket condos and apartments has increased in recent years, proving that these days houses aren’t for everyone.

Only a few decades ago, if a family could afford a house, they tended to purchase. But a new trend shows that many wealthy families who can afford to purchase a house are instead choosing to buy condos or continue renting from luxury apartments.

For a growing population of wealthy families, at-home amenities like a weight room and proximity to downtown are higher on the priority list than having more square footage and a yard.

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Austin is Booming, Maybe More than You Think

Austin is at the top of many national polls and charts. It was named the best place to live by U.S. News and boasts a clear business-friendliness that regularly attracts great companies to the area.

If you had left Austin one year ago and returned today, the skyline would appear very different now than it appeared the day you left. That’s because The Independent is one of several new buildings recently completed or currently in development downtown, contributing to a rapidly changing skyline.

From hotels to new corporate offices to residential buildings like the Independent, Austin is booming.

If you are looking for a home or office space in Austin, you’ve come to the right place. At JB Goodwin, we help families and businesses navigate the competitive Austin real estate market. Contact us today. We look forward to connecting you to the space that fits your preference and lifestyle.
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