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Whoever said real estate couldn’t be fun? My goal is to help you maneuver through an important transaction in your life and have a great time doing it.

As much as I enjoyed growing up in San Antonio, when I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, I knew I’d found my new home. During college and the years after, I lived all over Austin from Campus to Riverside to Barton Springs to Far West to Lago Vista to Cherrywood to Hyde Park and then back to Cherrywood where I am today.

After working in the film business for nine years, where we bounced around all of Austin and the surrounding areas filming from Blanco to Bastrop and everywhere in between, I decided to shift my knowledge from actors’ contracts to real estate contracts. But during that time I got to see that Austin as a whole is a sum of it’s parts and it’s charm comes from all the different areas of town that have their own unique role in making Austin special.

In my free time I enjoy watching the Spurs win championships, playing tennis with my dad, catching up with friends, and cooking, which only occasionally ends in a disaster.

If Austin is home to you as well or if you’d like to make it your home then I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to get to know you so I can get a strong grasp on your style and needs and ultimately help you sell, buy, lease your home, or rent a home or apartment that is the perfect fit for you and your family. I am a full service agent for sales, investing, leasing and apartment locating. I look forward to Helping You!

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