Sasha Rogers

Sasha Rogers

San Antonio

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Language Skills: Spanish
Service Area: San Antonio
     My name is Sasha, and for nearly two decades, the beautiful city known as the River City, among other names has been what we call home to my family and I. Like so many, my family's military background brought us here. I have had the privilege of living and experiencing several other cities such as " The Big Apple" (New York), "The Big Peach or Empire City" (Atlanta), as well as my home-born City Panama better known as the amazing, "Movable City," which is located in Central America. However as astonishing it was to have lived and hold successful careers in these cities, there's no feeling like the beautiful city known as San Antonio which has truly given me a genuine feeling of home.

    The world has definitely blessed me in life. When I arrived in New York at age 11, new culture, diversity, freedom, and opportunity enlightened me. Growing up bilingual has allowed me to adapt and learn quickly. In Atlanta, I worked as a Nationwide Bilingual Human Resource Analyst for the Home Depot headquarters and also help managed and promote several family-owned businesses one being a Real Estate Brokerage business. Here in San Antonio, I taught at Avance Early learning Academy where I worked with children of special needs. Thereafter I became A+Microsoft, Computer Support Specialist Certified with a focused education in Cyber Security through Career Point College and JRT.

     During my free time, I enjoy traveling, learning about new cultures, volunteering with the youth praise dancers at my church, and from time to time donating to the battered women's shelter.

    My mission and life purpose I believe has always been to help others through my knowledge and skills which has made me successful in accomplishing my clients goal. Twenty plus years of being an outstanding professional and keeping in mind always that client satisfaction is always the key. My mission that I stand by is to always assist you and taking pride in my integrity, honesty, and determination. I have moved numerous times, lived in different types of residences and I know how stressful and yet fulfilling moving into a new home can be. I am excited to guide you through your Real Estate Journey.

     My mother knew we would one day move to the United States, and that is why she began teaching me English as a toddler, and because of the gift of languages that was once given to me, I have perfected the English and Spanish fluently, with the ability to read and write in order for me, one day be able to help or be a gift of communication to someone else. I can now give back to you my community by facilitating your transaction into your dream property. I have always known that I love helping others, and that is why I chose a career in Real Estate.