Rob Denman

Rob Denman

San Antonio

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Language Skills: conversational Spanish
Service Area: San Antonio and Texas

My passion is serving others so, joining JBGoodwin was the natural course to follow after my career in the US Coast Guard.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Norma Jean for 31 years. The most important lesson I have learned from my marriage is how to genuinely listen while the other person is speaking. To genuinely listen is a skill set that is learned over time and should never be rushed. Having this trait is what I believe sets me apart from my competition and has helped me to achieve a high regard from my past clients.  My two gorgeous daughters, Kelsea and Shelby, have taught me patience, respect, and how to acknowledge varying points of views. These lessons have given me the ability to communicate and connect with a mélange of age groups and personalities. Both of my daughters have graduated from Texas Tech University and while my daughters were attending Texas Tech University I joined the Texas Tech Parents Association. One year later I was elected to the position of Chapter President for the San Antonio Chapter. Two years later I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Texas Tech Parents Association where I continue to serve today. This endeavor has given me immeasurable amounts of experience dealing with budgets, logistics, and people at a university level.

We are dog lovers also so we have three. Ace who is part Pit Bull and Plott Hound, Chance who is part Pit Bull and Springer Spaniel and Coffii who is a Rat Terrier! Ace was rescued from Rock Springs, Tx., Chance was rescued from Asherton, Tx. and Coffi was a neighborhood rescue in Stone Oak!

To sum it up I have been extremely blessed as an individual, a husband, and a dad. My life’s experience has groomed me to be an “Agent Extraordinaire” and I am ready and honored to assist you in one of your most exciting journeys in life, owning your own home!

       Rob Denman
"Agent Extraordinaire"