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Peren Xiao
Peren Xiao

Piloting my DJI Mavic drone

Williamson County

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Language Skills: Chinese

Hi there and welcome to my profile!

I’ve had the luck to grow up here in Austin for the last 20 years and have watched it grow to the city it now is. Since leaving to study at Purdue and Tsinghua I’ve traveled and lived in Spain, China, and Italy where I’ve experienced life in very different homes and environments. This has given me insight on how varied and different each person’s living style can be, and I hope to be able to use that to help you find your new home. 

Before entering real estate I’ve worked in a variety of other industries such as steel, graphene, and software development which has made me realize how much technology can improve not just society as a whole but also everyday life. I remember the days when my family would suffer through the pains of looking for a home. That’s why I’ve dedicated my time to exploring how to use tech to help improve the lives of my clients.

Need to sign documents? Do it from home and online. Want to check the status of the roof? Let me fly a drone over it. Don’t want to leave the house but still want to see the listing? I’ll stream it to your computer so you can ask questions on the fly and watch in real-time as I walk through the home while you drink hot cocoa in your pajamas.

Whether you’re an investor, buyer, or renter, let me leverage big data, drone technology, and live streaming to help you find what you’re looking for. With me on your team,  you’ll be faster and smarter than everyone else on the market. I look forward to hearing from you!



我是在美国出生的华侨,已经在奥斯ao'si'ding生活了十几年了。在美国的大学毕业以后,我曾在国内的石墨烯行业里工作过几年。2016年我进入清华大学经管学院学习并获得MBA硕士。 除了在国内工作和生活过几年外,我也在西班牙,法国和意大利住过,很了解不同地方的文化、生活方式和需求,尤其是大陆同胞来美国购买房地产的需求。不管您是想投资还是买卖,我都将尽我的全力,为您提供让您满意的服务。我提供的服务有三大特点:

  1. 省钱 & 省事:房地产买卖不是个复杂的行业,但是过程比较麻烦。如果您不熟悉奥斯丁的法律和市场,您在房地产买卖过程中很可能会碰到各种各样的问题。为了避免例如跑来跑去到处咨询或见美国法庭这样的麻烦,您可以让我利用我的经验帮您跨过这些问题,同时为您节省金钱和时间。

  2. 快速 & 全面:我们房地产行业有自己的内部网站。您只用花一点时间把您的要求提供给我,我就能马上在全奥斯丁范围以内为您寻找您需要的房子,包括那些刚刚进入我们内部网站但尚未出现在公开网站的最新房源。您会有很多问题想问吗?不用担心,我有很多办法保证您跟我的及时联通!因为我也了解中国人更习惯用另外的方法交流,我也经常用微信和QQ。

  3. 方便 & 即时:为了您的方便和全方位了解每个房子的情况,我将在图片和文字的基础上为我的客户提供直播和无人飞机视频服务。这样如果您一时不方便本人亲自去看房子,可以看我用无人飞机现场为您直播房子的情况,您同时还可以马上提出问题和进一步的想法。我能用无人飞机去帮您检查到那些网站图片看不到的地方,比如房顶和房子外面周围的环境。



我的电话号码:+1 512-517-6538