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Patricia Mucchiut


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Language Skills: Spanish

Born and raise in Venezuela I came to the States at the age of 25. My husband and I have been blessed with 2 awesome children and we are very lucky to raise our family in this beautiful country. As a family we enjoy going on nature walks, canoeing or boating, or get to know all the historical places in this big and attractive state of Texas. Particularly here in Austin we have been amazed by all the beautiful places that surround this city.  Also is very important for us to be engaged with the community and I do this by attending and participating in the schools activities. 

 Since I was very young I have always found pleasure in helping people. I grew up in a community with great human values and with the inclination to be and give myself best. Being able to see what can I do for others and find ways to make them smile is always been a great satisfaction.  

As a Realtor I have joined J.B. Goodwin to give you the best help and support that there is.   With the knowledge I have gained within this company I will be able to take you step by step through the entire process with the peace of mind that a professional gives.

There are many things and ways that I can help you. Is not only buying and selling a home. Is so much more! I know that this is a great field to use my service to the fullest.  I'm here to help you find the best place to live or the best investment for you at this moment in your life.  I can also help you, if you want to lease or rent, and even if you are thinking of a vacation home or a retreat out Texas. Real Estate is a very vast world and there’s so much that a professional like me can offer. 

Just give me a call, I am here for you!