Olivier Dalipagic

Olivier Dalipagic


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Language Skills: French
Service Area: 78704 78745 78703 78705 78701 78702

I was born in Paris. My French great grandfather was a realtor in Paris. Growing up in a beautiful hundred-year-old stone house acquired by my great grandfather, I appreciated the portfolio he had built and saw real estate as a secure and solid investment that allowed durable prosperity and happiness. 

The creative side I got from my mother, a Disney Animation artist, has influenced my ability to market your home in ways that separate me from the rest. My father’s analytical side, which earned him a Ph.D. by the way, gave me my clear thinking for pricing your home, negotiating your deals, and closing your home, leaving money in your pocket. 

I also grew up around three family members who are attorneys and needless to say, negotiating is in my blood. And I will use my well-honed skills for you.

I have a background in film from the University of Texas at Austin. 

I am fluent in French, English, and know Spanish.